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MsTish! music can be summed up and properly described by this word: "Phenomenal". This young artist possesses a style that is clearly unmatched and extremely professional.


MsTish! , Age 31, raised as country girl in Pulaski, IL. Her singing began when she was a little girl and at age 8 in church @ St. John Missionary Baptist Church, under the pastorial leadership of Robert L. James, she started singing for GOD. MsTish!, Preteen life continued in the music industry with many endeavors, including performances @ Meridian Ele., Meridian High School, St. Rafford, The streets of Cairo, IL, The Cavalier Club, and "The Taste" in Cape Gir, MO, & Carbondale ,IL . She & classmate Terrance Jackson Recorded rap duet, "Sunny Blue Skies"in 1997. MsTish, In 2001 gave her life to GOD & began recording, and singing background , For "LEA"(WDIA),...Big Daddy( New Jaxx Records),...C.J.(Dogmatic Records),....& Darin Tate (Tracman Productions).She Was Offered...( By Her Mentor Leah) a supporting leading role " Donna" in "Something About Success!" Early 2005. She Was A Call Back For a Speaking role,In Black Snake Moan late 2005( John Singleton). A single was Made 2006. Joey Anderson Of Studio 3074 completed The Project.....(Comprehending Knowledge).... Which is holding It's Ground on American Idol Charts. After Debuting " Comprehending Knowledge"( July 28-29, 2007)...MsTish! Was Offered And Accepted GUEST Starring Role, Prophetess Michelle Rivers-Reid.
( Presenting in acting and song... "Comprehending Knowledge" ) ....In The Stage Play " A Changed Mind!"....In Atlanta....MsTish! Is In The Process Of Completing Her CD
" Spirit & Truth."

MsTish! Says: "What is needed is a creative approach to the evangelization of young people that understands their nature, interest, needs and gifts." A point of re-conversion where a young person grows as a man or woman of God, where he/she will be encouraged to take responsibility and exercise his/her leadership skills.

MsTish! Would Like To Give A Special "THANK YOU" To "Dawn Dooley" .......For Obeying GOD!

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Comprehending Knowledge