ms.valashia aka rebel gurl

ms.valashia aka rebel gurl

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my muscis is empowering for all "underdogs" and people who lack confidence and high self esteem. When people listen to my music they are going dance and be uplifted at same time. Despite your unfortunate circumstances, i want to all way walk with your head up high and love your self first!


From the dirt roads of Midway, Florida (a small town just outside of Tallahassee), hails Ms.Valashia a.k.a Rebel Gurl Johnson. Born and raised in the ‘80s (the crack epidemic years) she witnessed the destruction of her community from heavy drugs usage and violence. Determined not to become another statistic, she sought a cure for the sadness brought on by her surroundings by making music. With such tenacity she has booked performances along side Young Joc, headlined the popular DJ Cadillac Joe Car Show and performed during other local gigs like the North Florida Fairgrounds. Not to mention, the single “Walk Stank Wit It” is currently in heavy rotation at Florida A&M University.

Ms.Valashia a.k.a Rebel Gurl Johnson is one of the hottest new female artists to hit the game. She brings her lethal combination of entertainment and enlightenment, which is meant to empower women and the underdogs of the world. With lyrics like “ain’t got no money/ ain’t no car /but I bet I’m the baddest bitch in the bar/walk stank wit’ it” and “if you looking for a queen/ hit me up/ if you looking for a slave/ you got me messed up/ yeah that’s wassup/ ms.valashia let’em know wassup/ you gotta 90 day probation period wit’ me then time is up/ practice play hard/ then good luck”, Ms. Valashia has only begun to inspire us to have confidence. Signed to her own record label V-Class Records and executive producer of her upcoming album “WALKING WIT CONFIDENCE”,
Ms. Valashia prides herself on penning her own material-which WE ALL KNOW is a rarity for most female artists.

When asked about what her fans can expect from her album, Ms. Valashia immediately boasts, “independence, I’ve been through a lot in my short life. I’ve been everything from a shampoo girl to a dog washer to a sandwich maker and even a stripper. But I’m at a point [in my life] where I’m doing what the hell I want: I’m rebelling against what I was told I should or could do, I doing what I want to and love to do and that’s music”. With hot tracks like “Walk Stank Wit It” (which means to walk with confidence) and “Don’t Run Shit”, where she is telling the fellas that the ladies are running the show, one cannot help but to be inspired.

Ms. Valashia cites her musical influences as T- Pain (another Tallahassee native), Juvenile, Eightball and MJG, Nelly, Andre 3000, and last but certainly not least Mary J Blige. In fact, Ms.Valashia praises Mary J. Blige as her role model because the two share similar harsh upbringings but they both have found a way to make it through their pain. “Mary’s music is like a force of nature, like water and air, people need music, good music that is”, proclaims Ms.Valashia.

To put it plane and simple, Ms.Valashia is a force to be wrecking with. She is a beautiful, talented, headstrong, and humble person who refuses to take shit from anybody. With the haters (some friends and family) working overtime, a dose of inspiration to remind us all to walk with our heads held high and follow our dreams will have the entire nation Walking Stank Wit’ It.

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Valashia Johnson

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Walk Stank Wit It is the single that is getting airplay
and the video will be aired in BET and MTV in July 2008.

Set List

1. Walk Stank Wit It 2.Don't Run Shit