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"Ms.Vybe Gets The Treatment"

I tried to find a way to say this without sounding ridiculously condescending but I think you’ll agree I failed. (Which, on the face of it, makes me a snobby ridiculous failure. wups.)

Ms. Vybe (kendra)’s history at ccMixter is a story of rebellion, redemption and resurrection. She started out posting some very average instrumental beats (since removed from the site). In reaction to members typically spirited, but never mean, reviews she kind of lost it and went on a flaming rampage in the reviews forums (again, most of which has since been removed with the uploads involved). Reaction to her reaction was what you would expect. Hate with dash of hate, sprinkled with hate. She became known around the site as Ms. Hatey McHatexter (not really, remember: I’m just being condescending).

When she tried it on me I just gave her my usual spiel which goes something like: “Hey, this ain’t no Metafilter.” (Side note: It’s kind of amazing how easy it is to control the tenure of the ad hominem attacks in the forums at Mixter. All you have to do to a flamer is say: “um, look around, we don’t really do that here” and so far, 100% of the time the person says “oh” and everybody moves on. I’m probably too old to appreciate the “freedom of expression” that comes from sites that tolerate or even encourage personal attacks that take place all over the web… wait… listen to me. All of a sudden my shit doesn’t stink. OK, so let’s amend it to snobby ridiculous hypocritical failure.)

Anyway, kendra turned in some downright great samples that I think have been unjustly ignored. She also submitted some cuts with raps (which unfortunately have also been removed) which gave her universal praise and requests for a cappellas — the life force of ccMixter).

Fast forward six months to last week when she uploaded three great rapping pells.

She really is one talented person and I for one am very grateful she decided to put the boasty-bravado-bitch thing aside and post such quality material to ccMixter.

- Virtual Turntable. Com - by Fourstones

"Ms.Vybe - Sad"

The quality of remixes at ccMixter is directly related to the samples and a cappellas that are uploaded and shared by contributors. As the ccMixter sample pool grows the remixes get better and better. A perpetual cycle which shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

Ms.Vybe is a producer, poet and rapper from Sacramento, California. She is also a huge contributor at ccMixter, remixed close to 100 times already and according to ccMixter site statistics is 3rd on the most sampled artists list and is frequently on the ccMixter charts.

Usually a powerful force when rapping, on this track she chooses a delicate approach on a personal topic. An example of the rap and production skills of one talented young lady.


"A Dog's A Dog" was played on 108.6 in Hamburg, Germany in September 2006.

Market Hacker debut due in 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


Ms.Vybe is not only a recording artist, she's a rapper, writer, arranger and producer. Her musical journey began as a child, but truly kicked off when she attended Musician's Institute in Hollywood, CA. She studied recording engineering but fell more in love with producing. Next, she worked with a very gifted vocalist, but after having the project fall apart only 9 songs deep, she knew she had to try something else. She also realized she hated engineering, liked producing, but loved the thought of recording her own material. In December 2005 she was brave enough to post some a cappellas at , which have generated over 80 remixes in under nine months. "MUSTANG" has been her most popular song, with at least 20 unofficial remixes circulating. That was all the confidence she needed to take her writing and artistry more seriously. Currently, she's working on "Market Hacker" due out early 2007.