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My music is a breath of fresh air. I'm a self-produced hip hop artist with undeniable talent and potential. I also produce and direct my own music videos on top of marketing and promoting myself. I have more than forty live performances under my belt.


Biography of Ms.Vybe

Ms.Vybe’s love for music began as a child when she frequently sat in on recording sessions that took place in her family’s living room. Her mother was part of an all female group that performed in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. She was enthralled by the processes of songwriting, recording and mixing.

She began penning her thoughts and feelings in the form of music and poetry as early as first grade. Her imagination and creativity often got her praise at school and with her peers. Her storytelling and self-expression evolved once she entered junior high, where she developed an appreciation for her favorite subject, English. She still adored music, but at the time, preferred writing essays and poems.

Shortly after high school, music crept its way back into her life and she decided to finally pursue it. In 2002, she attended Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, CA and graduated as a certified Recording Engineer. She returned home the following year and focused on producing and recording demos for others.

In 2005, after a project with a local artist fell apart mid-way, she took the bull by the horns and focused on writing and recording her own songs. She came across on the internet, a site for musicians and artists to share, create and remix samples and acappellas. Within the first four weeks of uploading her first song, “M.U.S.T.A.N.G.”, there were 10 remixes posted along with many positive reviews. That was a major turning point and gave her the confidence she needed, and because of that web site, Ms.Vybe the rapper and producer was born. With over 200 remixes circulating at and nearly 90,000 plays on Myspace and, she knew she was ready for the next level. “A Dog’s A Dog”, collaboration with a German producer, was played on the radio in Hamburg in September 2006. After another incredible landmark, Ms.Vybe realized she had to transition from the recording booth to the stage and blossom from a recording artist to an entertainer.

After just three local performances, she got her big break when she was awarded the opportunity to open for DJ Quik and AMG in San Francisco in June 2007. Ms.Vybe has since revamped her look and attitude and hit the Sacramento scene with a vengeance, with over 20 concerts under her belt. She released her first mixtape, “Ms.Vybe in the Matrix: Queen of My City” in January 2009 and “Poker Face, The Ep” in October 2009. She is now getting recognition for her stage presence and energy. Her infectious songs prove that she’s a gifted producer as well. She has been featured in two local magazines and was referred to as, “…one of the best emcees in Sacramento”.


I released my first mixtape, "Ms.Vybe in the Matrix: Queen of My City" in January 2009. My second release, "Poker Face, The Ep" is available online and at Dimple Records. The lead single, "Got It In The Bag" has over 3,000 plays online and is a crowd favorite when I perform.

Set List

"Poker Face"
"I Go"
"Got It In The Bag"
"Tame Yo Self"

* I sometimes throw a few mixtape songs in the mix, such as "Put On", and, "The Name Is Ms.V".