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"TPF’s hometown hottie of the week: Ms. Whoa"

Remember that ridiculous pick up line “You must be tired…You’ve been running through my mind all day.” Well Ms.Whoa might as well be Forrest Gump because she keeps running and running. Not only is this beauty a former USATF Junior Olympian in 2006 she is also a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan.

“Ms. Whoa” as she likes to be called was born and raised in Sacramento, California this Hometown Hottie of the week is multi-talented. Not only is she a model and actress but she is in a music group called Up Rooted Legends, or URL for short. According to Ms. Whoa URL is the epitome of unique talent. Her main goal in life is to have an international impact on the freedom of speech and creativity.

Ms. Whoa has endured a very busy last four months including working with Nationwide Insurance, Wheaties Cereal, NASCAR 2011, NHRA 2011, Magic Fashion Convention 2011, and “Who Ced” by Cedric the Entertainer. You may have also seen this stunning woman on MTV’s Spring Break 2011

When we asked Ms. Whoa about sports the first words out of her mouth were about the Dallas Cowboys. According to her the entire concept of the sport of football amazes her every time she watches. She believes the Dallas blood runs threw her veins and says that the precision, timing, and strategy amaze her because of the complexity of the sport.

TPF: Have you ever played a sport?

Ms. Whoa: Oh yes, Starting at about 10 years of age I was involved in recreational soccer. This was a period when my love and respect for sports grew tremendously. Now-a-days, I still enjoy running and yoga to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

TPF: Would you ever want to be a cheerleader or dancer for a team?

Ms. Whoa: I think I’ll have to stick with recording studios and taking awesome images. It’s been working for me thus far!

TPF: Who is the hottest guy in sports and why?

Ms. Whoa: Serbian athlete Tarik. Oh my…

TPF: Well that one is original…Would you date a professional athlete?

Ms. Whoa: Regardless of a man’s title, he is still human. I don’t discriminate. I love all types of men, from every background imaginable. If you are genuine, driven, and sexy from the inside out. You are more than cool in my book.

TPF: Tiger Woods had a tough year in 2010, what are your thoughts on him? Do you believe in sexual addiction?

Ms. Whoa: He is human like everyone else who has made mistakes before him. I’m sure he has grown a great deal over this past year which is what life is all about, growth. Kudos to Tiger and his family for continously pushing forward. As for sexual addiction, I believe in someone who simply likes to have a lot of sex.

We would like to thank Ms. Whoa for putting up with our crap and leaving us saying “Like Whoa…” over and over again. Be sure to be on the look out for Ms. Whoa and her group Up Rooted Legends. Her movement of love, freedom, and creativity will be pushed and succeeded until the world won’t take anymore.

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Model Mayhem.
- The Penalty Flag

"Feel The Whoa Effect – Meet New Female Rapper: Ms. Whoa"

All Things Great

Ms. Whoa is a femcee fresh to the scene from Sacramento, California. Writing since grade school, she has been especially perfecting her craft over the past six years. Her music is described as versatile. She takes traditional Hip-Hop and blends it with a variety of different styles like Dubstep or Bassnectar. Her inspiration for her music comes from the underground Hip-Hop culture, her passion for philosophy, and her passion for all things positive. She never wants her music confined to any type of genre or label. In addition to rapping, Ms Who also dabbles in: songwriting, modeling, acting, and philanthropy. Yup, the Cali native does it all. Her ultimate goal in whatever she does though is to make a positive impact on people and communities worldwide via her many talents.


Her first step towards said goal is the release of her debut mixtape. Her mixtape is titled All Things Great. All Things Great is an eleven track collection that features production by the likes of: T-Mic Beats, Flawless Tracks, Flash Beats, and more. The project kicks off with the street style track “Team Captain.” It contains a low key sound and interesting rhymes. It provides a very chill and traditional way to kick off the mixtape. However, the tracks that follow are anything but traditional. They feature the Dubstep and Bassnectar influences, giving some of the cuts an almost Rock and Hip-Hop mash up type of feel. But Ms Whoa holds her own against the busy Electronic style tracks, showing off her philosophical nature with well put together rhymes on tracks like “Message, My Savior.” The mixtape winds down on a more traditional note. Ms. Whoa takes it back to heavy bass lines, an occasional sound effect or instrument, and hood vibes. The final track “Glow” is definitely one of the project’s highlights. The production is fire, Ms. Whoa has a clean smooth flow, and her lyrics are creative and top notch. Overall, All Things Great is a respectable debut. Blending the various styles certainly gives it a unique sound and Ms. Whoa’s rhymes are eccentric and quality. Hip-Hop fans will certainly not find anything else like the project. Which is a good thing but please click the above provided link and give the entire tape a listen for yourself via Dat Piff.

All Things Great is just the beginning for Ms. Whoa. She has several plans for the future including: a collaborative mixtape, an album, a tour, working with non-profit organizations, and working with the youth and the community. So she is going to be one busy lady. But if she keeps her positive spirit, continues to improve on her talents, and works hard; there is no doubt that she will see major success in all that she does. Readers can keep up with Ms. Whoa via Twitter or Facebook.
- Miracle LeRoy


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