Mystic Syntax

Mystic Syntax


High intensity industrial drive with heavy metal overtones. Mystic Syntax has been described as a cross between Nine Inch Nails and Fear Factory.


Mystic Syntax have been together playing shows for a little over 3 years now but the idea and concept of Mystic Syntax has been shaping over the last decade. Singer/songwriter J Syntax had been writing material for Mystic Syntax for almost 10 years before he decided to search for musicians to take this project to the next level. It was then that J found RE:JECt through a local musicians classified ad post and the two of them took the project and hit the ground running. RE:JECt fliped after hearing this music for the first time. Immediately he gathered some fellow musicians and booked the bands very first live show, opening for Dope at the legendary Alrosa Villa. The show was a sellout and the crowd loved Mystic Syntax right off the bat.

Since then the band have undergone numerous lineup changes to fill in gaps in their stage show. The entire band is made up of multi-talented musicians who can play most any instrument they choose. J started as the guitarist and moved to vocals. RE:JECt started as the vocalist, then moved to drums, then moved once again to keys as needed. Rune came into the band during the summer of '05 and his unique imagry and style of playing instantly landed him a perminant gig in the band. Shaman came into being the drummer almost by accident while filling in temporarily on the drums when needed for live shows. As more and more performances came and went it became aparent that Shaman wasnt going anywhere. His inclusion became official during the summer of '07. It was also in the summer of '07 that Mystic Syntax finaly found the 5th member of the band. From the begining Mystic Syntax was conceived to be a 5 man band. When Black came into audtion we knew right away we had finaly found our man. Within minutes we knew he would fit right in. He nailed the look, sound, and feel of what we were trying to create. With the new 5-man lineup Mystic Syntax are a forced to be reckoned with.

On tour we bring much more than the standard t-shirt and jeans live set. We bring over $1,000 of lights and effects to dominate the stage. Mystic Syntax is more than its music... its an experience.

Mystic Syntax shared the stage with such national acts as the Beautiful Creatures and the Genitorturers. As Mystic Syntax continues to play outside of their hometown their fanbase grows. Every city they play they are a huge hit. With half of Ohio in their grasp they continue to push outward into bordering states and beyond.

In 2005 Mystic Syntax as was asked to submit music for the independant film "Version Two" by Marc Lee Curallo. The Mystic Syntax track "I am god" plays during the movies opening credits.



Written By: J Syntax (with help from RE:JECt)

They walk among the chosen few and bow their heads in shame
With all the dirty thoughts they will contrive
The few left standing innocent are burdoned with the blame
and guilty of staying alive

What he never wants, he'll always be
Woke up to you, and now he sees
The book is made of man's disease
Forcing him to pay for what we buy
The fruit is dead and full of flies
Who eat the seeds of our demise

Back off lovely, your hands are all bloody
From the souls ripped from the sky
Our lives are helter skelter, seeking bread and shelter
While this blasphemous reason dies

You walk among the chosen few, and bow your head in shame
With all the dirty thoughts that you contrive
The few left standing innocent you burdon with the blame
since they're guilty of staying alive

What you never, want you'll always be
Woke to him, and now you see
The book is made of man's disease
Forcing him to pay for what you buy
The fruit is dead and full of flies
Who eat the seeds of our demise

Why did he die
Our lives are empty inside

What he never wants
What he never sees
What he never needs
What he never breathes
What he never feeds

Our lives are all blasphemous

Just Like You

Written By: J Syntax

Here they come lead us down the road
Along the way I learned the code
expect perfection and nothing less
issues questioned don't address
The shaman man knows the secret life
Butcher sharpens his favorite knife
Take my blood and make me itch
Break the lights and hit the switch
You, we're just like you
Without pain, without shame
What do you want to do?
What do I do, to be just like you
What do I do, what do I do
To be just like you

Rip me from the nipple and give me a gun
label me a God in the fucking mud
melt my brain to a steaming mess
lack of reason's what you possess
oh baby oh yeah, got to suck it off
lick those messages and still look tough
oh, your shit's so sweet, and tasty, baby
In that mind, I will find
Where do you want to be
I will see, where do you want to be

To feel, to need, to see,
where do you want to be

The shaman man's dream too real to be
A vision of the future's growing tree
Knife too dull to cut my wrist
the butcher laughs as we resist
Water will seep to the dying nerve
Things you want you don't deserve
Show me skin, just a little more
You fucked everyone, but you're not a whore

Abuse, abuse, molest, molest,
We try so hard, to be the best
yet we're still just sheep in a fucking pen, before the end
led to believe in what we see
Behind these smiles are misery
Tear down your hopes and let them die
Their souls are gone, their lives are lies

You, what do I do, to be just like you


Conception - 14 track ep with bonus demos, remixes, and 3 songs mixed by Angel of Dope.

Set List

the typical set list is as follows:

Sacrifice is Mine
Speak For Me
Smashed and Ruined
Just Like You
other songs we have been known to play:
I Am God
Give Me More
Whats Love
Edgecrusher (fear factory cover)
Replica (fear factory cover)
Afraid of Americans (david bowie cover)
Stitches (orgy cover)
Roots (sepultura cover)


our sets are usualy 30-45 minutes long depending on venue restrictions.