Ms. Yolanda Knights

Ms. Yolanda Knights


Ms. Yolanda Knights delivers the gospel of Jesus Christ set to music in a way that it can minister to anyone, anything, anywhere and anytime.


Yolanda knew music at a very early age. Listening repeatedly to the sounds of her idols; The Clark Sisters, Shirley Ceasar and Aretha Franklin, her talent grew to a passion.
Under the guidance of her vocal teacher, Yolanda's voice grew into a polished instrument of unparalleled voice-control flowing as a vocal melting pot of her idols. She is no stranger to ministering God's word through song. Her gift has placed her with the likes of many gospel greats. Yolanda performed a duet on a release with Dr. Mattie Moss Clark and the Southern California Workshop Choir entitled, "It's More Than a Feeling".
She more recently performed a duet with Pastor Shirley Ceasar and opened for Dorinda Clark-Cole not to mention performing with other top gospel artists and for internationally known church leaders. One of her most cherished moments is a brief performance in front of Gospel Legend, Walter Hawkins and some members of the Love Center Fellowship Choir.
She is known all over Southern California where she is the State Youth Chairlady for the Southern California Evangelist Jurisdiction of the Church of God In Christ, Inc.

Yolanda has recently caught the ear and support of many Gospel Announcers Guilds. Her recent participation in the Seattle area Gospel Announcers Guild (West Coast Gospel Music Conference) in Tacoma, WA has sparked an interest and support from Chicago to London.

Yolanda is scheduled to participate in at least four more Gospel Announcer Guilld meetings in 2008 to promote her debut release to the public and to the airways.

Yolanda also has plans to cross the waters in Fall of 2008 to participate in the 2008 Salon du Gospel in Paris, France. While there she plans to span the UK and minister in churches and venues. More details to come.

The following is not a complete list

Internet Radio Stations:

Radio Stations:
KJLH Radio Free 102.3 FM- Los Angeles, CA
KAXL Music for Life 88.3 FM - Bakersfield, CA
KNHC 89.5 - Seattle, WA
KZIZ 1560 AM - Seattle, WA
KRIZ 1420 AM - Seattle, WA
KYIZ 1620 AM - Seattle, WA
KGLD 1330 AM - East Tyler, TX


Hallelujah (Lift Jesus)

Written By: Ms. Yolanda Knights

Lift Jesus give Him highest praise
(Lift Jesus give Him highest praise)
[Repeat 8 x]

Hallalujah (Hallelujah)
Glory to Ya (Glory to Ya)
We lift You higher (We lift You higher)
We give You praise (We give You praise)

Lift Jesus give Him highest praise
(Lift Jesus give Him highest praise)
[Repeat 8 x]

Hallelujah (Hallelujah)
[Repeat and modulate to song end]


Message From Heaven
Release Date: 1.15.08
Record Label: Face of God Records, LLC.

Single: Hallelujah (Lift Jesus)
Currently in analog radio and internet streaming rotation

Set List

Artist performs with track only sets from 15-60 minutes. Artist is also available for sermonic solos.

The above is contingent on purchaser's budget/request

Set will vary for audience

Contemporary Christian Set (may include, but is not limited to):
Simple Song (Have you Talked To God Today)
Hallelujah (Lift Jesus)
Message from Heaven
Your Name
Memories (Mama's Song)

Gospel Set (may include, but is not limited to):
Sing, O Zion
Message from Heaven
Simple Song
God Told Me So
Pronoun Praise

If house band is available and has a knowledge of gospel music and/or can pick up track, additional songs may be added or above songs can be extended as crowd permits