New South Wales, AUS

Australian-based indie outfit, MT WARNING— named after Mount Warning: the first area to witness the sunrise each day in Australia—their musical genre is "Soundtrack/Storytelling."

This intriguing genre nods to frontman Mikey Bee's prolific friendship with American filmmaker, Taylor Steele, who attended a solo show of Bee's before the two delved into undiscovered musical/cinematic territory together.

The debut album Midnight Set has been described by UNCUT Mag as "immensely affecting".


When Mikey Bee was
playing a solo show in Australia, American film-maker Taylor Steele happened to
be in the audience and was intrigued by the performance. The film-maker
approached the musician with a different way of writing songs.  How would
a song sound from a man sinking into the ocean?". The musician answered
with a song washed with anticipation, determined lyrics, and denial.  A
discovery of new music was explored. 


Together they pushed
the idea of a song telling a unique story while being part of a visual story,
played out over an album which came to represent lifes cycle - a journey from
one side of the day to the other, as much as from one side of life to the end. 


The band name came
about when Mikey and Taylor were thinking about what experience they were
trying to create with the music. We
wanted something bold, ominous but also simple and stoic. There's a mountain
close to where we were working, its the first place to see the sunrise in
Australia, the first place the sailors would see from the ocean and when they
saw it, they knew they were close to Point Danger, a reef that would ground
them if they didnt turn east. Bold in nature, ominous in name and simple and
stoic to view, the name MT WARNING was agreed upon. It also conveniently shares
their initials in the title, hence the pronouncement M, T, WARNING.


Mikey would piece
together the compositions during late night sessions in a beach shack studio.
He'd put the songs together by jumping around the room from guitar, to piano,
to drums, to bass. And by sunrise each day, Taylor would have something to make
new notes on. He would check that all music, lyric and tempo were still telling
the story each song was supposed to; from
the feelings of big dreams in youth to the realisations and heartbreaks of old
age, and all the emotions in between. Those recordings became the album, Mikey
adding Tori Lee's vocals to some tracks and had drummer Grant Gerathy overdub
Mikey's random drum technique.


When it came time to recreate the
songs live, Taylor's history in punk rock and film making challenged, coached
and directed Mikey from side-stage to engage fully with his audience and
letting his education in rock pubs come to the fore with a fury. Holding steady
and defined for the intimate moments that appear on the record, to near
destruction of stage and guitars in the heightened break out moments, with
visuals created by the two projecting on the back of stage to enhance the
experience for both the audience and the band.


The outcome is
dynamic, an album that is visually thick, sonically sprawling and lyrically
subtle in the most poetic sense. A recording of the interactions between us,
what lies just beyond and utilizing music as the movie.


Set Out 28 March 2014

all songs by Mikey
Bee, Produced by Taylor Steele




Forward Miles

Written By: Mikey Bee

Gonna live in a postcard, gonna live in the sky, gonna live in a race car, gonna go there fast.

Gonna take on the world, gonna get real far, gonna make all the people happy, gonna fall in love.
Gonna find some land, gonna work real hard, gonna make about a thousand babies, going forward miles.

This is where I’m going to, I’m going forward from you.

Gonna live in the ocean, gonna sail my boat, gonna tell all the people all the things I never wrote; that it’s all under one sky.

This is where I’m going to, I’m going forward from you.

This is where I’m going to, I’m going forward for you.