If you throw some shit in a blender, what ya get? More shit. Thats Mt. (MOUNT)
hopeless useless and old but fuck do we try hard and have fun. Feel sorry for us and have a listen, we just changed drummers.
Not like its helping any but hot damn he's a looker. Oh shit, ya, we got tapes!


Band bio:

Band members: Jared Sych (vocals + guitar), Bryce Wilson (bass), Mark Horne (Drums)

Mt. is a blast of a punk-metal past. An aural recollection of Suicidal Tendencies tapes blasting out of sticker-covered boomboxes and kids with flipped up hats holding Hawk haircuts out of their eyes just enough so they could see what they were dropping into on their fishtail decks. The sound of days with no particular place to go, subsisting on nothing but slurpees and nachos and reading the same issue of Thrasher over and over again until it fell apart. Doodling “Skate and Destroy” on your math textbook as the classroom clock ticked so slowly it seemed to be moving in the wrong direction.
The boys of Mt. lived it and while they may have grown up since then, they never outgrew the high-energy skate rock that fueled those endless sessions. Their sound taps into the fury of youth and filters it through years of experience. They’ve kept the spirit of the kid who picks up the guitar for the first time and starts bashing power chords with abandon, except these guys know what they’re doing.
The result is vintage hardcore, a sound that gets everyone from Mt.’s contemporaries who feel like kids again to the new kids who are coming up and discovering it all for themselves. It’s an all ages band for all ages. A guitar-drums-bass, punk-rock-metal trifecta . Mt. will make you either want to skate and destroy or relive the days when you used to skate and destroy. Either way, whether it’s your past or your present, the stoke remains the same.


Casette Tape 2011.