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M.T. Bearington

New Haven, Connecticut, United States | INDIE

New Haven, Connecticut, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Avant-garde


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"Japanese review from Motionwave website/radio show"

Pick of the Best Artists from the world indie music scene

M.T. Bearington Connecticut, USA This psychedelic folk band, lead by singersongwriter Matt Thomas has its base in New Haven Connecticut located on the east coast of the United States. His charisma and talent as a singersongwriter and his world view is highly valued and he has fronted for such indie bands as In Vain, Leaves of Lothlorien, Weigh Down, Short Pants Romance, and Orange Forest. After working with these various band, Matt focused on a solo career, holing up in his home to work on his recordings until he is fully satisfied with the results. The result was a new band featuring his intials, M.T. Bearington. The band's debut album Cloak of Nouns and Loss was released in September 2008 and was instantly picked up by the local music scene. Their unique psychedelic folk/pop sound is both new and nostalgic at once and garnered the attention of major music media outlets. They frequently do live appearances and they are becoming known throughout the United States, and it is only a matter of time until M.T. Bearington will go worldwide.


The folksy songs that remind the listeners of Bonnie Prince Billy, Little Wings and The Microphones are low-fi but very original. The very human heartwarming sounds, as if reading a picture book to your children, are perfect for listeners who want to spend a slow and leisurely time, and they put everyone who hears them in a very relaxed mood. The pure melody is all natural - born from not controlling sound but playing with it. The harmonies that are created by incorporating the sound of children singing or the very natural humming of a female chorus work beautifully here. It is almost as if we are seeing a slice of the life of vocalist Matt Thomas, expressed musically. We tip our cap to Matt Thomas who demonstrates infinite talent in the simplicity of his compositions and expect great things from M.T. Bearington in the future. - Motionwave

"M.T. Bearington: The Cloak of Nouns and Loss LP"

M.T. Bearington: The Cloak of Nouns and Loss LP
As a kid, the discovery of cassette tapes turned me into a complete audiophile. I spent hours recording my own radio show in my bedroom. I recorded songs, conducted interviews with imaginary characters, and captured the whole thing on tape. WMRD didn't last, but I still keep all the recordings in a box.

My recordings were fairly dorky, but sometimes the bedroom is the best location for recording. Take Matt Thomas, the force behind M.T. Bearington. After fronting a handful of bands, Thomas struck out on his own to record his LP, The Cloak of Nouns and Loss. Thanks to the magic of GarageBand, he recorded the original tracks all on his own. With this new album, the difference is in the details. The buzz of a kazoo, the jingle of a tambourine, or the slip of a slide whistle all decorate his folk-pop sound. Combining reedy vocals and lush instrumental harmonies, Thomas sings about eating animals, unwarranted anxiety, and joking about Jesus. Quite a combo! Plus, Bearington's videos are tough to beat (ahhh, baby with a beard!). If you like what you hear, check your local listings; Thomas and his five-piece Bearington Band hit Cafe Nine on December 5. - CT Indie.com

"Mates of State & M.T. Bearington tour"

Local bands Mates of State and M.T. Bearington are going on a short and sweet New England tour together. If you haven't seen either of these bands live, now's your chance to catch them.

Mates of State are a super cute husband-and-wife indie pop duo originally from San Francisco and now settled in the New Haven area. They're basically the epitome of the indie pop duo; I'm sure you know who they are. An added bonus: according to their twitter, they're in the process of recording their new album of covers, so expect that real soon.

M.T. Bearington is a fun combination of freak-folk songwriting with psychedelic pop instrumentation. It's a fairly new project started by Matt Thomas, who's fronted tons of bands in the past. The band is really starting to pick up steam, and he's released a great album called The Cloak of Nouns and Loss which we reviewed a while ago right here.

This is a really killer lineup, both bands are excellent. They're playing some fantastic venues all over New England:

2/17 - Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground
2/18 - Portland, ME @ Port City Music Hall
2/19 - Northampton, MA @ Iron Horse
2/20 - Hamden, CT @ The Space
2/21 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Bell House - CT Indie.com AUTHOR: JH | POSTED AT: 2/17/2010 | FILED UNDER: INDIE POP, SHOWS, TOUR

"Arts Council Record Review for"

M.T. Bearington’s “Cloak of Nouns and Loss” is a home-recorded project by Matthew Thomas. Thomas sings in a high voice, his playful lyrics floating over woozy, psychedelic pop arrangements. This music is deeply rooted in the late-sixties moment when “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and the Beach Boys’ “Pet Sounds” liberated rock auteurs from the restriction of guitars, bass and drums (no offense, Reducers). What is striking is how Thomas has used Apple’s GarageBand recording program—almost a digital toy—to craft soundscapes that are anything but sterile. These songs breathe. This is “rock” as quiet music, bedroom musings, and children’s tales (but not childish). Thomas doesn’t go for the bombastic hook. Instead, he takes light acoustic guitar arpeggios and colors them with layered vocal harmonies, sound effects (the barking dogs in “Keep Warm with Animals”) and occasionally some light drums and bass. Warmly ringing glockenspiel figures enliven “Fate Finder.” He’s not afraid to discreetly season with a little dissonance, using electric guitar to add a slightly off piquancy to the latter cut. - The Arts Council of Greater New Haven

"The Hartford Advocate's Best of 2008 List"

M.T. Bearington, Cloak of Nouns and Loss (Safety Meeting Records). One of the most divisive local discs of 2008 (if you don't think it's great, you probably think it's shit) is a home-recorded expedition into Weigh Down frontman Matt Thomas' imagination, a strange, beautiful bundle of skewed pop, psychedelia, layered vocal harmonies and quirky flourishes. Deeply idiosyncratic but not insular, Thomas grabs at something deep in the core of the psyche. - The Hartford Advocate

"Big Takeover Record Review for "Cloak Of Nouns And Loss""

"I grabbed this because the publicist was cunning enough to compare New Haven, CT solo cat Matt Thomas, recording alone as M.T. Bearington, to Roy Wood and Brian Wilson. Visions of The Move's awesome, rocked-up BBC cover of "California Girls" played in my head. But it's an equally incredible contemporary that Thomas fills my cranium with: Ray Davies. This limited 300 copies vinyl LP (with CD version, so you're covered analog and digital!!) is like a loose, more playful, almost silly ( I hear kazoo!) late '60s/early '70s Kinks record such as Percy. Thomas' voice and nasal delivery is totally like the living legend, too. His music is occasionally dreamy, like "The Water of the Whole World", but Thomas' love of the quirky folk-pop confection dominates this agile collection.
-Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover 2008
- The Big Takeover


M.T. Bearington - Love Buttons
Safety Meeting Records, catalog# SMR0?
full length vinyl release, CDR included
Due March 2011

M.T. Bearington - Cloak Of Nouns And Loss
Safety Meeting Records, catalog# SMR011
full length vinyl release, CDR included
Released 2008
"Eggs And Wings" featured on motionwave.tv -japanese blog/radio show, as well as on college radio stations throughout the Northeast.



Matt Thomas knows how to write a song. That much is certain. He's been the front person for many a band; In Vain, Leaves of Lothlorien, Weigh Down, Short Pants Romance, and the short lived but still talked about Orange Forest. Amidst the chaos of the last couple years, as one band fell apart and another reunited, Matt started writing songs for himself, bringing them home and recording them in his house at the end of late nights, early mornings, and whenever he found the inspiration. The end result, "Cloak Of Nouns And Loss" is a beautiful collection of pop psychedelic folk bliss, owing as much to Brian Wilson as to Roy Wood, complete with highs and lows, perfect harmonies and lush tones. With the exception of a bass line here and a drum track there, the album was recorded, mixed, and performed by Matt Thomas alone. Just before the album's release on Safety Meeting Records, Matt assembled the Bearington band to bring his bedroom recordings to life, adding new nuances and dynamics to his music.
Live, M.T. Bearington creates sonic landscapes that envelop, excite, and moves audiences, amassing droves of fans in their wake. In the short time they've been together, They've played throughout the New England area, rocking small venues, outdoor fests, and the occasional large capacity club, opening for such bands as The Mates of State, Man Man, Richard Lloyd, Deerhoof, Fiery Furnaces, and the Black Hollies. Now, with another album in the works and a slew of shows mapped out for the months to come, M.T. Bearington is ready to take the world by storm.