MT Findlay

MT Findlay


Indie roots rock goes singer-songwriter. Elements of emotive, personal songwriting coupled with influences of indie-pop and gentle rootsy charm.


Growing up in Guelph was pretty fundamental for Mike Findlay. Surrounded by the burgeoning independent music scene not only inspired him, but also encouraged him to explore a wide range of musical genres and styles.

Abandoning classical piano to teach himself guitar as a teenager, Mike's skills as a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter led him to become a key part of Guelph's roots-rock staples, The Kramdens. As a long-time sideman to indie-folk rock singer-songwriter Barzin, Mike's contributions on lap steel and guitar have taken him touring across Canada, the US and Europe as part of Barzin's band.

As a songwriter, Mike's music explores the hopes and heartbreaks, metaphors and missed moments encountered by everyone. Soulful and introspective, open and yearning, Mike's songs speak to the everyday experience and the extraordinary incidents that make up a life.


Tilts Back To Fall EP (2009)

Set List

The Last Time
Too Loose Upon Arrival
Broken Window Pane
Don't Make A Sound
Easier Than This (Claviers & Clavicles)
Wolves, Lower
Never Was The Same
Fall Apart
Were You There? (The Teardrop Waltz)