Matt The Knife

Matt The Knife

 Providence, Rhode Island, USA

-Part comedian, part magician & part mind reader - packed into 1 amazing entertainer!
-Breaker of more Guinness World Records than any other magician - a total of 12!
-1000+ shows across 17 countries on 4 continents
-Over 50 national television appearances


Matt The Knife (often referred to as "MTK") is the outrageous comedian, mentalist, & magician that's known for his trademark brand of wit that blends intense charisma with wickedly humorous improvisation and unique performance art.

As a 3X "Novelty Entertainer of the Year" nominee he's thrilled audiences with 1000+ performances across 17 countries on 4 continents and has gone on to shatter more Guinness World Records than any other magician ever - a mind-blowing total of TWELVE!

Matt has also been featured by more than 50 national & international media outlets including Discovery Channel, The Wall Street Journal, NBC, New York Post, ESPN Magazine, History Channel, Ripley's Believe It or Not!, CNN, Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, National Geographic, CCTV (China), Rai Tre (Italy) and The BBC (UK). He was even an answer on America's favorite game show, JEOPARDY!



Matt The Knife isn't your usual entertainer and this isn't your typical show. He's the intense performer that's part comedian, part magician, and part mind reader - all jam packed into one wild, unforgettable event that has 100% AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION THE ENTIRE NIGHT!!!

He takes the stage by storm and leaves your audience gasping for air with his unique style of improvisational comedy and unbelievable magic that’s branded him with the reputation of always delivering the perfect blend of high-octane charisma, spot-on comedic timing, and rarefied mysticism that both his clients and fans have come to love. It’ll set your crowd on fire and leave everyone raving long after they've gone home!

Audience members eagerly participate as Matt thrills with an array of inconceivable stunts, astounds with advanced sleight-of-hand, and leaves the theater stunned with his unorthodox techniques to both read & influence minds.

Campus Activities Boards know that this is who to book when you need the very best in incredible, interactive entertainment that students will actually WANT to attend.