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New London, Connecticut, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE | AFM

New London, Connecticut, United States | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Hip Hop




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all songs are original songs written my MTM.



MTM More Than Music

A Hip-Hop collaboration in full-effect like none other to come before it or any that’ll come afterwards – MTM More Than Music is a crew stocked with enough skill & determination to take the world by storm.

Officially formed in 2015, each of these powerfully dynamic emcees & their individual talents contribute to create gritty, raw, and real cuts that contain the audible bond that only true fam are capable of. All the members of MTM are related – and there’s an undeniable unity you can hear in the music between them as they pass the mic & bring their own perspective, sound, swagger, & style to every experience.

Spittin’ serious truths and unafraid to bring the heat to the hooks, the diverse lineup of skills rolls deep. Original members Haze, aka Hazey Gabana, Dooley, aka Foolaire, and Shaddy Lu are the backbone of a versatile Hip-Hop group that is a complete multi-threat. Haze has razor sharp skills on the mic, 100% dialed-in to a signature style that’s synonymous with wild entertainment; whether it’s rapping hot bars or singing big hooks, he’s proven time & again he brings his A-game to every moment. Dooley has been in the game full-time since 2015; he’s taken the influence of giant artists/rappers like Rick Ross, French Montana, & Young Jeezy, to create a fresh & authentic flow of his own design that has become an essential part of the MTM sound. Shaddy Lu adds even more dimensions of talent to More Than Music by bringing in an intense amount of commitment, dedication, and focus that’s straight-up unmatched by any emcee out there grindin’ today, with the ability to transition flawlessly from massive hooks sung aloud to blazing rap that highlights his impressive precision on the mic & charismatic flow.

Together, MTM More Than Music burst into the Rap/Hip-Hop scene with extreme confidence and bulletproof material. They’d go on to win first place in an official Def Jam showcase in 2016 within their first year, in addition to being featured with incredible artists like J.R. Writer of Dipset & Conan of YNVS. Already proving they could hang with the best of the best, they continued to lock-in to their own style, developing & refining the rhymes & sharpening the hooks as they headed towards new breakthroughs, with every member inspired to reach that all-important next-level that they each knew existed for MTM.

And in 2018 – they found what they were looking for. Haze set up a meeting with Gro August, the head of HUNGREEFOMO Entertainment, played a few MTM cuts for the man in charge – and it was officially game on from there. Gro August was entirely impressed by the amount of talent, depth, and innovation of the Hip-Hop crew that he immediately put pen to paper & signed MTM to the HUNGREEFOMO label. Stoked for the new opportunities from the studio to the stage coming up in their future and the growing support surrounding MTM’s rise in the music-scene, these emcees are set to blow up what you already think you know about Rap/Hip-Hop & remind the world that what they do is seriously More Than Music. MTM creates unforgettable experiences in entertainment unlike any other – and they always will.

The group is ready to raise the stakes and standards for the entire genre. MTM is currently writing, recording, and getting killer new beats to work with, while anticipating the official release of their fourth member, Ruug Heff, from his incarceration. Carrying on strongly and representing as a three-piece unit until he’s back on the right side of the bars, More Than Music is a reputable force to be reckoned with as they are right now – once they’re at full-strength with everyone back on the m-i-c where they belong, MTM is set to dominate the Rap game completely & make their mark in music-history a permanent one.

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