Matt Nasi Band

Matt Nasi Band

 Denver, Colorado, USA

Take the positive vibes of Marvin Gaye and let em grow up at the high elevation of Colorado for 18 years and you have Matt Nasi. Matt used the influences of his musical family and his appreciation for random pop culture knowledge to develop his unique blend of rock soul.


A Colorado native, Matt Nasi fell into music with the help of his family. Growing up with two very musical older brothers, he developed an early attraction to music and picked up his first set of strings around age seven. With no formal training or lessons, Matt found comfort in the guitar.

In 2002, Matt traded in his half-stack for a Martin and made his way to Flagstaff, Arizona. It wasn't until those college years that he was inspired by the musical stylings of John Mayer, Jack Johnson and Pete Yorn, pinning down his own unique sound. Over time, Matt discovered a passion for songwriting and performing that only grew with every year.

Matt was introduced to the Denver music scene when he opened for Matthew Moon at the original Soiled Dove and has been frequenting Denver's best venues for the past 5 years. It wasn't until after playing a show with present drummer, Kerry Healy, that Matt heard the sound on stage that he had been hearing in his head throughout the years of playing solo. Embracing the power of kindred spirits on stage, Matt began adding other musicians to his set, one by one. Thus, the Matt Nasi Band was born, holding true to its front man's brand of acoustic soul while exploring the rock paths they're starting to tread as a group.


Anticipation (to be released fall of 2012)