Mt. Olivet

Mt. Olivet

 Austin, Texas, USA

Mt. Olivet takes influence from bands of all types; Nine Inch Nails, later Radio Head, Pheonix, St. Vincent and Justice being some of the biggest. Mt. Olivet is based with heavy dark beats and heavy lyrics. Mt. Olivet is a very fresh way to approach electronic music.


After being in indie/electronic/pop bands Taylor decided to branch out to music that was more true to his taste. Taylor wanted to approach Industrial music in a way that was very fresh but still stayed true to the mechanical monotony that embodies some of his favorite artists.


Mt. Olivet Conceptualizing The Record “Vanity of Vanities”

If you have ever read psalms, you will notice at the top is says something like For the Choir Director or For the Music Director etc.. This record really started there.

Vanity of Vanities

I love all kinds of music, happy and acoustic to dark and heavy. Just somewhere along the way, the heavier stuff just got its roots deep into me. After I saw Ministry, who I don’t particularly like, a buddy of mine got me into Nine Inch Nails. Which was a life changer. I saw the world in a new way. All i see is people serving them selves and pretending like they are not.

vanity exceeding physicality, but leading to nothing but.

I’ve always really dug the sound of machines. I don’t know why . I always loved making little jingles to the rhythm of machines like the carousel at the airport or to my blinker in my car . I guess the rhythm of something with absolute purpose just really brought me someplace else. It’s insanity, but also so peaceful. One could say that about the ocean, but nobody hates the ocean. The ocean isn’t ugly. The ocean is more perfect then any person i’ve ever met. If we lived in a good world with good people the ocean would inspire me more than it does.

Well this record has taken some sharp turns to say the least. I have thrown away so much of it, but i suppose that's the cost of good art. I found a God along the way which was unexpected but very very good.

Love me, judge me

Mt. Olivet

Set List

-Some where over the rainbow
-Hello Honey
-Walking Dead
-Crimson Lips