The Mighty Third Rail

The Mighty Third Rail

 New York City, New York, USA
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The Mighty Third Rail is a 3-man squadron of rhythm and words which combine the elements of Hip Hop poetry, beat-boxing, violin and upright bass. Daring vocals, booming basslines and a vivacious violin create a show charged with high energy, crowd interaction and wise cracking wordplay!


The Mighty Third Rail is an award winning New York based trio that mixes the elements of Hip Hop poetry, beat-boxing, violin and upright bass. From poetry cafes to colleges to concert halls, whether it's jamming at the legendary Nuyorican Poets Cafe, opening for Reggie Watts, or performing at the prestigious Lincoln Center , The Mighty Third Rail undoubtedly delivers. Featuring the dashing Darian Dauchan on vocals, the indelible Ian Baggette on bass, and the courteous Curtis Stewart on violin. This bold, urban collective pushes the boundaries of Jazz and Hip Hop to define the next generation's voice. They are the winners of the 2012 Musical Theatre Matters award for BEST New Music at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland and are 2013 American Music Abroad Finalists for the U.S. State Department.

THE POET: Darian Dauchan is an award winning solo performer, actor, and poet who has appeared on both Broadway(Twentieth Century starring Alec Baldwin and Anne Heche) and Off Broadway theatre(Jean Cocteu Rep., Classical Theatre of Harlem). TV credits include Law and Order and Nickelodeon's Bet the House, as Darian the "SoundFX" Guy. In the past 6 years Darian has also embraced the art of Spoken Word/Performance Poetry and within his first three months had won slams at all three major poetry venues in New York City. He was a member of the 2006 National Poetry Slam Team for the legendary Nuyorican Poets Cafe, was crowned the 2007 Urbana Grand Slam Champion for the Bowery Poetry Club, was a 2008 Nuyorican Grand Slam Finalist, and was the 2009 New Word Artist for Urban Word NYC. He has toured across the country at poetry venues, including the famous Green Mill in Chicago, and has also performed at colleges that include the prestigious Yale University, FIT, and New York University. His popular Obama poem during the historic 2008 election has received over 69,000 views on YouTube and counting. He's currently featured on the FIAT Storyteller's Series. Most recently he received a grant from the New York State Council on the Arts, was awarded a diversity scholarship from the Upright Citizens Brigade for sketch comedy and improv, is the 2012 winner of the Jerome Foundation's Stakeholder's Choice Award in association with Bowery Arts and Science, and his show Death Boogie, A Hip Hop Poetry Musical, won the 2012 Musical Theatre Matters award for BEST Innovation of a Musical at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.

THE VIOLINIST: Curtis Stewart is a New York City based freelance violinist. A recent graduate of the Eastman School of Music, Curtis has performed as a soloist with the National Repertory Orchestra and with Akua Dixon in her Hip-Hop Blues project at Aaron Davis Hall. He has made chamber music appearances in the Rochester International Jazz Festival and the Beethoven Institute at the Mannes College of Music. Curtis’ eclectic background has led him to concerts in many different realms of music from the avant-garde jazz Vision Festival and MTV specials with Wyclef Jean, to appearances at Carnegie Hall with the New England Symphonic Ensemble, and stints at the Jazz Gallery with Jason Lindner. Curtis is excited to continue expanding his stylistic and expressive range in New York’s boundless music scene and is the 2012 NAMN Eastern Region Champ.

THE BASSIST: Equally at home at Small's Jazz Club, on tour in South America, or major stages like at the FIFA World Cup, Ian J. Baggette has played with or opened for such artists as: Abdullah Ibrahim, Mulgrew Miller, Darius Brubeck, Steve Wilson, Patience Higgins, Frank Kuumba Lacy, Bill Saxton, Dan Faehnle, Phil DeGreg, Melvin Peters, Sundar Viswanathan, The Roots, Snoop Dogg, Sean Paul, and George Benson. Ian grew up as the son of a music therapist from Dayton, Ohio listening to everything from The Ohio Players to Sergeant Pepper. In high school he discovered the bass and became involved with an original rock band and collaborated on many different local projects. Soon after receiving a scholarship to Miami University, he immersed himself in jazz and classical music. In 2006 Ian studied in Durban, South Africa. During his stay he worked with local and international acts including The South African Jazz Orchestra and the KwaZulu-Natal Philharmonic. In 2009 after finishing University, he moved to New York City where he currently studies with Ron Carter as well as maintains an active performance schedule.


The New America

Written By: Darian Dauchan

The New America

I want to welcome you to the New America
Where votes are counted
Elections actually matter
And leaders look a lot like me
But don’t be alarmed we’re not just Negroes
The rainbow coalition is in full effect
Racism is far from over but we working on it
Here is where hope trumps fear
Because there is nothing to fear but fear itself
And now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer but this son of Kenyan
Brace yourself for the dawn of a new day
We can feel the sun beaming in our faces
The calm before the economic storm
This is the New America of hardship and struggle
And yet the faith with which place our confidence
In the promise of something better has never been brighter
Our potential glaring and blaring
Stirring in our souls
The light ricocheting from one person to the next
This is what a movement looks like when it actually moves
You can blame it on the New America
The new millennium of reconstruction
It is the new age of new way of thinking
The era of intelligence
Where we murder fools using logic
The weapon being knowledge
An idiots carcass
Phoenix rising
Conjured by consciousness
The resurrection begins
Reborn stands the intellectual
Where you been?
Ignorance kept you in past tense
Now rethink your pretense
And pretend your living in the future
Cuz that’s the only way visions are manifested
So we invested our imagination in a greater nation
And now the task is left to my generation to rebuild this nation
Crumbled by corruption
So in the New America we trust
That belief will provide relief to grief
And our heads ain’t hangin down
Because hope tells us that
The destiny is willing turning things around
So our backs are arched erect like the Statue of Liberty
March of the progressives
We are citizens feigning for freedom
Hungry for some humanity
There is no room for complacency
No time for ambivalence
Only engagement and involvement
Only questions and ideas
Discourse and dialogue
The core of democracy lunged inside our lungs
We live fully and completely
Our hearts beating a little harder
Our minds open a little wider
We make no apologies for who we be
Our philosophy , our ideology is simple
We pledge allegiance to truth and equality
Our declaration is independent of stagnance
Our constitution is the union of hearts and minds
We now beatbox the star spangled banner
And honor the ideas of the forefathers
Finally put to practice
And still we mourn the legacy of slain
Freedom fighters served as a reminder of a bitter history
So we say amen to ammend the wounds of the past
Correcting our wrongs we bill our rights to Karma
And pray for a tip
On how to lift extreme capitalist mentalities
To redeem our humanity
This is the moment when a culture of consumption
Shifts to moderation
We still clench our fists for dissent and resistance
While simultaneously extending our hands
Palms open to the sky
In attempt to break the hysteria of America
To lay claim and proclaim sanity in a New America
Here is where a self-professed revolutionary
Finally, proudly, wholeheartedly
Embraces the radical spirit of Patrick Henry
And becomes an American Revolutionary
Ready and steady to usher in the
New and improved
Red, White, and Blue,

DD '09 ©


Death Boogie

Set List

Broken Record
New America
Ms. Microphone
Death Boogie
The Grind
Golden Orb of Solace
The Grind
Death Boogie