BandRockAdult Contemporary

Everybody lies, everybody the truth - nine women from London, England take their musical and stagemanship gifts and wrap them round the throat of an audience. THEY write the music, THEY create the theatre and visual tension that makes the live performance defy description.


Remember the good old days of music in the 60's? - when your heart and soul was set on fire?... NOT playing in the old style but playing WITH that passion.... Every band member come from a different musical background but they seamlessly combine their loves and influences to create a new sound and totally addictive stage presence.


Live In France - CD album
Shevolution - DVD four song videos and documentary.

Set List

NO covers. All original written by the band. 90 minute set includes choreography and performance art supporting and reflecting the song lyrics by 'The Stereotypes' and Krow, the lead singer. Dynamic stage presence from the entire band and mind-blowing fretless bass.