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"All The World Is A Stage"


It is now OFFICIAL! I am absolutely, undeniably, unequivocally and totally smitten by a band that is, to massively understate things, the MOST original, thrilling, talented, passionate, creative, ethereal, powerful, energetic, empathetic, philosophical, provocative, timely and important group of musicians to come down the pike in decades. I am, of course, speaking about.....MT-TV.

Have you ever tried describing the truly indescribable? If you have, you'll understand the quandary I'm in as I try to represent this illustrious collection of 9 remarkably gifted musicians, actors, artisans and just in case you hadn't noticed...women!

But I am going to try:

If you feel at all as I do that music today is all cookie-cutter, manufactured, pandered, synthetic, mindless, gutless, vacuous, insipid, murky, oozy, fluffy, inane and without method, that its mostly maddening and void of any spark of creativity...then you will definitely want to pop on over to the MT-TV website for a leisurely stroll.
Through my newly formed relationship with G1NBC.TV, I was fortunate to make the acquaintance of this rock powerhouse at the station's VIP Launch Party on September 22, 2006 at the Metropolitan Hotel across the street from the Metro Airport in Detroit.
Because the EVENT (more on that word later) was held in a ballroom setting, it was hard to get a true sense or feel for their music or the full effect of what is their SHOW. But the visual aspects of their performance and because I sensed their performance was more than mildly toned down it left me begging the clean up crew to assist me in raising my jaw off their floor. It left me wanting for more; only I wanted to see the unbridled, unfiltered version I knew they possessed. I needed another FIX, and I needed it NOW! Lucky for me they would again take the stage the following night at a club called The Ritz Rocks, in Warren, MI. Shunning the end of a previous commitment, I took to the road to catch their "ACT" less that 24 hours after first seeing them.

How can I put this?

Only ONCE before in my life had a witnessed a performance that came close to having a similar impact on my senses as this late evening at this somewhat obscure and unheralded local rock venue. That one time was in 1974 at a David Bowie concert at Cobo Hall! A lot of space has been sprinkled in between these two happenings, but with was well worth the wait!
Instead of tipping my hand and sharing any more of the experience with you here, suffice it to say, no words, no matter how glorious, can compare to experiencing this phenomenon LIVE and in-person.

Is this what my life has come to? Am I a.....GROUPIE?

EVENT: I told you I'd get back to that word and I am a man OF my word.

Dictionary. com defines EVENT as:

1.Something that happens or is regarded as happening; an occurence, esp. one of some importance.

Alright, that doesn't quite get it for me. But their 4th definition DOES:

4.Physics. In relativity, an occurence that is sharply localized at a single point in space.

THAT'S more like it. THAT is what experiencing MT-TV is all about. It's like watching a shooting star, glimpsing a firefly, a solar eclipse or a meteor shower. Hell, it's witnessing the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, it's seeing a tornado from a close, yet safe distance, it's experiencing a sudden cold snap or a caucaphonous thuder storm. You are in the eye of the storm. It is palpable, it is senstaional and above all is REAL! An EVENT to be sure!

If you are looking to be entertained, enthralled, mesmerized, enchanted, awakened, dumbfounded, astounded and utterly freaked in a solitary setting...go check out this unfiltered, unexpurgated, unbelievable act for yourself. - Written by Benn Perry (

"Have a peek at the individuals....."

Have a peek at the individuals that are...MT-TV!


Yes, I spelled her name right. KROW is the band's lead singer and trailblazing composer and lyricist. Her words and actions will leave you breathless. Her insight, pathos and compassion will astound you. The fine line she walks to deliver the angst of the world, particularly relative to the female gender, her inimitable vocal styling that would have made Janice Joplin blush, her fluid sage presence that runs the gambit from angelic glow to fire and brimstone, her physical presence and uncanny ability to connect with audiences no matter the size and regardless of the venue combine to make her a dynamic package not to be taken lightly. Just when she's lulled you into a sense of comfort or ease, she'll bite you with her acerbic wit, trample you through her sardonic flair and devour you completely! Believe me, man or are swept under her spell. Oh, and don't let the virgin-white wedding gown fool you...she is equally convincing in her satanic costume! There is little doubt that with KROW at the helm, MT-TV is destined for stardom; but only stardom as this closely-knit group defines it.....and it will be achieved on their terms. Of that you can be certain.


ALEX is outspoken, outlandish, outstanding and outrageous. Her axability on stage and her axcessibility off it make her, along with KROW, co-spokeswoman for the band. If you dare, and if you have unflinching confidence in your craft, hold a microphone up and ask this glib, erudite lady to was poetic or philosophical. But BEWARE, you will never garner a single run-of-the-mill response from this talented artiste. Words like smooth, precise, unwavering, strong, soulful and evokative might begin to describe her prowess on lead guitar...might. Might could also give you a feel for the power with which she plays. She will laser a hole right through you if you happen to catch her eye during one of her gripping solos, all the while fooling you; for at no time does this musician's focus waver whilst performing. ALEX is a technical wizard with virtuoso traits and the ability to be both exhibitionist and voyeur in the same instant. Prepare yourself to be entertained, enamored and enlightened every time she sets foot on the stage near you.


Meet FUSE, so named because this woman is the ignition switch that makes this band's engine shake, hum, purr, rock, rattle and roll. The invincible nature of her playing, the sheer artistry with which she provides the bottom and supporting structure to the band's music is nothing short of miraculous. NEVER will you hear, see or feel bass playing at this level. Such accolades might sound pompous, for bestowing praise as lofty as that should be reserved ONLY for the best, you might say. Then it needs to be said and it needs to be said loud enough for all to hear...FUSE is BY FAR the best bassist on the planet. The MT-TV website pays far better homage to this musical treasure than yours truly ever could. SPEECHLESS is the least you'll be after hearing her perform; AWESTRUCK is the most typical feeling one gets after experiencing her unparalleled musicianship. When the set is over the stage is left smoldering by the flames lit by FUSE.


I certainly claim to be no expert when it come to percussions, but because I was beaten rather regularly as a child I feel qualified to speak about drums to some extent. All kidding aside - when it comes to syncopation, rhythm, beat and sheer strength, JO is as comfortable in the pocket as she is out, and when comparisons are made - they aren't made to other "women" drummers. Close your eyes and listen to her pound out complex rhythms; your ears will defy you to imagine a soft, feminine creature creating such a solid groove. This smokin' sticksmaster may appear small in stature but she is a powerhouse of a performer capable of holding her own with the best rockers around. And don't let her physical appearance fool you or you may get knocked upside the head by either her bass drum, hi-hat set up or seat...all of which she wields simultaneously! If you are considering a chat with this fiery percussionist, check your chauvanistic comments at the door or you're liable to have tasty tempo tattooed to your forehead. Told ya she's tough when it's necessary!


Sensitive, sensational, seductive, serene and silky smooth are adjectives that clearly depict the inner and outer persona that is the group's rhythm guitarist, BROOKE. There are photograph's that captures the essence that a thousand words could not come close to expressing. Don't be misled, though, BROOKE is no wallflower when she takes to the stage, no afterthought in the grand MT-TV scheme of things to be sure. Nor is she a shrinking violet. One trait that is so becoming that she possesses is her pensive, thoughtful disposition...her sense that nothing needs to be said unless it has value, - Benn Perry (

"In Concert....."

"America is the last place where a band can actually make it big," said Krow, front woman for the British rock band MT-TV. "America still has the freedom to give bands chances."

Upon emigrating from England a year ago, the nine woman of MT-TV needed a place to stay. Though they flew into New York, they soon found themselves haggardly touring down the eastern seaboard on a pair of school buses. After one of the buses left them stranded in the middles of Alabama, they decided to take up residence in the southern state. A few months ago, they relocated again - this time to Detroit - with to hopes of capturing the musical hears of the Midwest. Making a stop in Maumee, MT-TV plays at the Village Idiot on Oct 19.

"In London, everyone has seen everything and it's so hard to get the public to come see a band. Detroit has a better live scene," Krow said.
MT-TV's ensemble includes three theatrical dance performers known as "The Stereotypes." Krow says the show is an impressive visual front.
"We've got a large stage show that's quite iconic. There's a song we do called 'Medusa', where I dress up as Medusa. Another song, I'm singing about death and I'm a bride thats just lost her lover. There's theatrics.

Disguised within the band name is a dash of social commentary. MT-TV conveys "Empty Television".
"For us, it's television. There's nothing real. We've become desensitized. Social skills are going backwards. That's what MT-TV is about. We aim to fill up that empty television". - By Michael Punaslan - Toledo Free Press staff writer

"Spicier Girls"

Pack of singing and dancing British beauties? Check. Sassy one-word names like Krow and Fuse? Check. Elaborate stage shows that seem more like a theatrical event and less like a typical concert? Check. Infectious tunes that make you wanna dance? Check.

On the surface, the all-female crew known as MT-TV (pronounced "empty TV") could inspire comparisons to that fallen troupe of singing caricatures from across the pond. However, speak to the band's vocalist Krow for a few minutes and the similarities stop there.

No, MT-TV isn't some Spice Girls rip-off. In fact, the 35-year-old vocalist chuckles when asked if she's ever been compared to the clan of singing U.K. pop tarts.
"We never had that comparison," Krow quips with a saucy British bite. "Because we're all female, they tend to liken us to other female acts or singers like Alanis Morissette."

Unlike Posh or Ginger or Sporty, Krow scoffs at the idea of traditional female stereotypes and openly slams sexualized gender roles that are assigned to women in the music business.
"It's a male-dominated rock industry," she explains matter-of-factly. "But I'd like to think we're about to change that for other female bands."
Krow says her nine-piece, all-girl rock band - which includes a trio of backup singers called 'The Stereotypes' - is an anomaly in a sea of testosterone-driven men. "I've personally grown up wanting to see more female influences in the rock industry," she remarks. "It's time to make a difference.
The vocalist believes that women are able to reach the top of the charts - that's if they go solo.
"At this point, to be recognized and achieve a level where you are taken seriously as a female, you have to be a solo artist," she states. "As an all-female band, it's as if we have to carve out a space for ourselves."

Also, Krow argues that execs are more interested in creating a cash cow and less into nurturing and guiding new talent.
"One of the biggest problems you have is that the music industry doesn't support live bands anymore," she adds. "Its become all about the product. They'll take somebody, make a product out of them and get as much money as they can get out of them and then shelve them."

It's this conviction to pave their own path, Krow insists, that led MT-TV on a bumpy tour throughout the states - starting in New York City and ultimately ending up, in all places, stranded in Dothan, Alabama.
"We actually flew in last August and the record company got us two school buses, one long and the other short," she jokes. "We headed down and somehow ended up getting stranded in Dothan."
Krow explains that the license plate tags on the two buses expired and the ladies had to setup an unlikely, short-term base in Alabama, where they record and perform at nearby venues like Pensacola's Gutter Lounge.

"We're renting a studio here and working on new material for our up-and-coming album," Krow says "If we ever get the time to actually record it would be nice because we're always on the road touring."
As for her view on gender politics, Krow believes her strong stance comes across in MT-TV's music.
"Women's bodies are taken every single day against our will and they're used to advertise products," she says. "This is where it gets difficult because I'm a woman and I'm sexual."
Krow adds: "When I get onstage, I'm not going to stop being sexual because thats who I am. That's what makes MT-TV different. We're not girls. We are women." - Independent News -

"Live In France"

Artist: MT-TV
Record Label: Korvid Inc.
Format: CD
Star Rating: 4

Who says women can't play Rock 'N Roll? Probably the same people who say real men don't eat quiche. Well, I'm here to clear up a couple of myths: real men do eat quiche, in fact, eating quiche makes them manly, and women can indeed Rock 'N Roll. I have proof of the latter, and it is MT-TV. A band compiled of nine very talented, strong and creative women. I couldn't really compare them to another all-female rock band, as pickings are slim in this category. No they don't sound like the band Hole, but they do have a pure rock sound and that's evident from every song off their Live in France CD. From the first track to the last, it is crystal clear that these gals cannot only play, but have musical souls. The song, "Hear Me" for example, has an irrepressible bass to it, and a formidable guitar solo.

They are already notorious around Michigan and area for concerts they hold. Not only do you get good music, but MT-TV works hard at entertaining through performance art as well. Three members of the group known as 'The Stereotypes' do performance art to the songs on stage as part of the MT-TV experience. You almost need a visual aspect to their CD in order to enjoy the full affect of this music. These women have a lot to say, about a variety of subjects, so using more than one artistic medium seems logical to them.

Don't be dissuaded by the fact that it is a rarity to have an all female rock band, because they are really, really good. We need more variety in music, and MT-TV is a group that pushes boundries, and as the band within the band is called, music needs more musicians that will push the classic "Stereotypes", just like MT-TV are doing.

Track Listing:

1. Devils
2. California
3. Take Me Home
4. Murderer
5. Bring It Down
6. Falling
7. Hear Me
8. Devils (Bonus Track) - Written by Kindah Mardam Bey

""...Does this sound familiar to any other band?...""

In the short time they've been together as a unit, MT-TV, a nine-piece, all-girl abnd that recently transplanted to the United States aftering touring Europe, has established themselves as something different. Talented musicians with influences and styles as diverse as classical composers and arena rock, they have created a show and a sound that has been called everything from "art in motion" and a 'must-see cultural event."

Performing their first American shows in August 2005 and currently based mostly in the southeast, MT-TV has played all types of venues and clubs, including blues, goth, rock and punk, showing that their style can play to a myriad of audiences while establishing something none of them have quite heard before.

And while the novelty of nine beautiful women playing their own instruments might be enough to get the band a first look, it's their talent, both as performers and as songwriters, that will allow their careers to develop along with their following.

Chorus and Verse interviewed Krow, the band's lead singer, motivational force and primary songwriter about MT-TV's introduction to the American music scene, as well as their plans for recording and touring. But first, we get an introdution to the band and the story of how they came together.

Your band is relatively new. Can you start off with the story of how the members of the band know each other and how you all came together to create MT-TV?

Let me start by introducing all of the girls. We have six ladies that make up the main band, and they are: Krow - lead singer, Fuse - Bass, Jo - Drums, Alex - lead guitar,m Brooke - rhythm guitar, Nikki - keyboards. We then have "The Stereotypes", our backing vocalists, and they are: Adrienne, Kali and Bunny.
We've pretty much known each other for many years. Fellow female musicians in today's music industry are few and far between so it wasn't that difficult to find each other. A friendly female face oftern stands out in a sea of long-haired male musicians.
I had decided to go with the material I'd written, so the first decision was: do I have a male or female band? Well, I've worked with so many men and there have always been so many problems so it came about that an all-female rock group was being formed. Another factor was that this band wasn't dealing with "cover version music". This band was going to be committed to "original music" only and for that I needed minimum ego input so that we could concentrate on the songs alone and not where the lead guitarist or drummer - in guy bands they seem the worst - needed to express themselves, usually over the whole song and killing the whole song. Does this sound familiar to any other band?

What are your previous music projects and performance backgrounds? How do you feel that having so many diverse influences coming together in a group like MT-TV affects how you sound and the type of music you perform?

It's true that influences are diverse in the band but I feel that this has only aided the songwriting process. In one sense we have more "materials" to work with. When getting the band together, in the advert I didn't have to specify "band to sound like Nirvana or Nickleback". I wanted this to be a totally free environment to create. I didn't want to close the doors before I knew what was behind them.
As it is, Jo and Fuse listen a lot to Rush, King Crimson, Jaco Pastorius & Jonas hellborg. My main background is Aerosmith, Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey and the Rolling Stones. Nikki is classically trained and so listens to a lot of classical - Mozart, Philip Glass. She also likes a spot of Pink Floyd. Brooke is a Bon Jovi freak and Alex has always hated what we call "traditional music". She's more into Diamanda Galas & Kate Bush. All in all, when this is put into the pot and stirred you get the "MT-TV" sound.

Where does the band consider its hometown to be and where were some of your first local gigs? Are there certain venues now where you feel especially at home and love the crowds at?

We're all British except one girl, Kali, who is one of our backing vocalists. She is from Holland. The band considers London as its hometown as we lived and toured there for five years before coming over to the U.S.A. I guess we see Dotha, Alabama as our hometown. We have most of our friends based there and we've been holed up in a studio for the best part of three months writing new material.
I guess Pensacola Beach and Panama City are our favorite stomping grounds at the moment. Not only are the crowds very responsive but we also get to kick back on the beach when we are finished.

A lot of bands have a problem becoming a tight cohesive unit with three or four members, never mind nine. What are the challenges in making so many players work together as a unit? Are there certain band members who act as band leaders and arrangers during your live shows to make sure that everyone stays on the same page?

As far as working together as a unit, I - Written by Matt Mrowicki

"Interview with Krow - MT-TV"

Who says women can't play Rock 'N Roll? Probably the same people who say real men don't eat quiche. I have proof that women can play Rock 'N Roll, and it's
MT-TV. A band compiled of nine very talented, strong and creative women. They are already notorious around Michigan and area for the concerts they hold. Not only do you get good music, but MT-TV works hard at entertaining through performance art as well. I had an opportunity to as lead singer, Krow a few questions, and the answers were intriguing to say the least.....

Question: What is the MT-TV philosophy? How did you come up with the band name?
Answer: MT-TV is an all-female, 9 piece rock band. We perform only original music and using female icons we use performance to illustrate the songs. MT-TV (Empty-TV), came about whilst flicking through the multitude of TV channels one night - we suddenly realized that of the 378 channels, there really was NOTHING to watch - the TV was empty.

Q: Does MT-TV have a motto/saying that you adhere to?
A:No, MT-TV doesn't have a motto or saying that we adhere to but mentally we're very positive about showing the world just what women are capable of doing.

Q: How would you define yourselves in music?
A: We'd day that it's 'A.O.R' - that's Adult Oriented Rock. People have tried to compartmentalize the MT-TV sound, but just like Jack In the Box - we don't stay in!

Q: All the band members have a similar vision of your unique sound, how were you able to find each other as like minded individuals?
A: Finding other women in the music industry was very easy - we're so few and far between, when you do come across a fellow female muso you don't tend to forget. Also, unlike many of the bands out there, we didn't put up adverts such as "Musicians wanted - must sound like Metallica/Bon Jovi/Aerosmith." We joined a band and brought our own individual musical tastes to it. I'm very into Tom Jones, Aerosmith and David Darling whilst Alex is into Nickleback and Diamanda Callas. That's how MT-TV gets it's original sound.

Q: How long have you been a band for and where do you originate from?
A: We've been together about 5 years now. It all started because I'm a folk musician at heart and in writing some new material I really wanted some other backing vocals - that's when the 'Stereotypes' joined. I then got sick of playing, or should I say banging away at the guitar ( I don't play very well!) so that's where Alex and Brooke came in...By this point we had half a band and I guess we decided to take the material out on the road and for that you need Drums, Bass and Keyboards. The songs really took form when everyone put in stuff from their musical backgrounds and influences.

Q: Your website says that MT-TV is "nine women combining music, theater, costume, choreography, vicious humor and stunning technical skill." Tell the readers of Lucid Forge what the experience of seeing an MT-TV performance is like.
A: I can only really relate the story on an owner of a concert that we played recently. He came up to us at the end of the show and explained that he had owned the venue for 15 years and in that time he had booked pretty much every act that ever came through town. He explained to us that he had never seen anything like MT-TV and that his adrenaline was going crazy - not only that, he explained that he'd even bought a CD - he had never done that before. That was his reaction. All I can say is that if we're in town, you'd be a sucker if you didn't come.

Q: "The Stereotypes" are three performance artists and back-up singers on stage, but what do they represent in order to be considered their own group within the MT-TV group?
A: In simple terms - The Stereotypes make MT-TV look good!:-) The Stereotypes are essentially performance artists. Writing original music is very consuming all round and performing it even more so - some songs can take you on an emotional journey that you didn't think possible. Consequently, in trying to get the story behind the song across visually we utilize The Stereotypes. One song for example, "Fashion", was written as a direct result of the constant pressure women are under from the fashion industry to be thin and young. It's debilitating for many and even in young girls the rise of anorexia is horrendous. Society is a hypochondriac that needs a kick up its ass - we need to stop obsessing so much and concentrate more on hving a healthy thinking mind. The words are very important in this song and so we had them printed on boards so that the audience can understand what's being said. At the same time we run and 'alternative fashion show' - one of the girls is 'too black', one is 'flat chested' and the other is 'too short' - oh yeah, and I've got 'Big Ass' written on my trousers. We're making the point that the models in the magazines - that we aspire to be - are in no way representative of the majority of women in society. So, have The Stereotypes is - Written by Kindah Mardam Bey

"Eight Is Not Enough..."

Did you see them at the Peanut Festival last year? How 'bout at this year's Wiregrass Festival of Murals? Maybe at one of the nightclubs somewhere between Troy and Tallahassee? If you saw them, there's no doubt that you would remember them. Nine (that's 9!) female rock and rollers - all on stage at the same time, all playing the same song and every one of them looking like they couldn't be happier. However, performing in and around Dothan was never a part of the original plan. Then again, ever since they arrived in this country, nothing has really gone according to plan for them.

MT-TV is an all-girl British hard-rock group, fronted by singer-songwriter and top-talker - Krow.
"We got together a few years ago. I had written some songs and wanted to perform them myself, so I started looking for a backing vocalist and found three of them: Kali, Bunny and Adrienne (now referred to withing the group as, The Stereotypes). Obviously, I needed a guitarist because I can't play one to save my life, so I got two of those, Alex and Brooke. Our bass guitar is Fuse, keyboard is Nikki and Jo is our drummer."
She didn't start out to put together a nine-piece band. "I was just writing for myself," she said, "but I was looking for people who could really play. When I found the first ones, they all knew someone else with a passion for music. That's where you get the energy of the sound. It's just this clash of different influences coming together - jazz, folk, pop and traditional rock. That's where our sound comes from."
They ere playing together on a consistent basis in France when a Miami-based record company called Korvid contacted them. The company was looking for female artists trying to carve out a space in the rock industry.
"The record company felt that we would do best in the American market," said Finn, their manager, and the only male with the group. "Obviously, being a musician, one of your dreams is to go to the States."
After a small warm-up tour in England, they flew to New York. And that's where the plan started to unravel.
"School buses!" Jo - the drummer - in the back, hollers out with a laugh. "They put us on two old school buses when we got to New York. We were expecting something a little bigger and classier, but we got school buses."
"We were told that there would be two tour buses with beds in them so we could sleep, but they were really just old school buses... with pencils and kid's erasers still on the floor," said Finn. "And New York was right in the middle of a heat wave. It was over 100 degrees every day we were there!"
Their first purchase in America was an angle-grinder. To make more room on the buses, they cut the floor bolts and removed most of the seats - and they did all the work themselves.
Krow remembers, "We left just enough seats for us all to sit in and then we went out and bought a couple of mattresses. We were literally sleeping on top of each other in these buses, and they did not have air conditioning!" "It was at that point," said one of The Stereotypes, "that we started thinking, 'Have we done the right thing?'"
"And we had only been there like eight days!" laughed keyboardist Nikki. So how did they end up making Dothan their home-away-from-home?
According to Finn, "Our plan was to just go from New York, down to Florida, and then work our way back up the East Coast again, and we had played several gigs before we got to Dothan, but by the time we got here, the license plates on the buses had expired!" "And to get those tags," said Krow, "we had to be stationary for a period of time. We needed a local address, and we just happened to be in Dothan." "We tried to leave," laughed Jo, "but we couldn't find a way to get off the Ross Clark Circle!"
"That's when we decided to change our strategy," said Krow. "We had to concel all our gigs until we could get some new license tags, so we decided to make a base here and then play in a circuit around this area. That's when we met Bill Ingram, a superb gentleman, at Clean Park." (Clean Park, located on South Oates Street, was the name of a local RV and mobile home park that Bill Ingram had been managing for years. Since this story unfolded, he has bought the park and changed the name to Pecan Point.)
"We showed up with thest two old school buses. We must have looked awful," remembers another one of The Stereotypes. "We said to him, 'Look, we really need a place to stay and this is our situation.' He said, 'No problem,' and he let us stay there!" "We asked him to put us in a very nice dark corner," said Krow, "somewhere where we could not be seen by anyone else so that we wouldn't bring the standard down. Next to a shiny RV, we did not look good."
Before long, one of the mobile homes became available and Ingram offered it to the band. Four real wells at last. That's where MT-TV really got their taste of southern hospitality.
"When other people in the park heard ab - Dothan Magazine - Sep/Oct 2006 written by Connor Vernon


Live In France - CD album
Shevolution - DVD four song videos and documentary.



Remember the good old days of music in the 60's? - when your heart and soul was set on fire?... NOT playing in the old style but playing WITH that passion.... Every band member come from a different musical background but they seamlessly combine their loves and influences to create a new sound and totally addictive stage presence.