Mt. Zion Soundsystem

Mt. Zion Soundsystem


Mt. Zion is primarily roots reggae with modern dub and dancehall influences. Based on the idea that there will be “no peace till we all reach Zion,” Mt. Zion Soundsystem was created as a way to bring culture, optimism, and unity to people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.


Founded by singer-songwriter/guitar player Saskia Pretorius, Mt. Zion Soundsystem has an international edge. Saskia, originally from the Milwaukee area, has been performing locally, nationally, and internationally for the past 14 years. While living in Berlin, Germany for five years, she toured extensively in Europe. She also spent time in Israel, parts of Africa, Texas, California and Jamaica. Her lilting voice has an authenticity that brings the wisdom of her lyrics directly to the listener, accentuated by her steady rhythm guitar playing. The live band has a solid rhythm section made up of Patrice Nassalang from Senegal, West Africa on drums and the legendary David Robinson from Jamaica on bass. Miriam Levie's tight vocal harmonies and fluid flute solos bring the sound into another dimension.


The Temple

Written By: Saskia Pretorius

The Temple-- S. Pretorius

Find yourself at the door at the temple
You can lie on the floor of the temple- oh yeah
Bring something to offer for your stay at the temple
If you are humble, you’ll find your way- inna the temple

By the mystical tree, you can follow me
Where the river runs down to the caves underground
Fossils in the stone. We are not alone
We are not the first here. We are not the last dear.
Inna the temple. Inna the temple. (show no fear)
You can close your eyes when you enter the center
You can be creative like a genius inventor
Only Jah Jah knows what will happen when you enter the center
Give thanks and praises to the one you consider
your greatest mentor
Inna the temple. Inna the temple. Inna the temple.

Come and take my hand. You will soon understand.
Let the waters heal you. Let the waters feel you.
Redeem the past. Make the moment last.
It will always be here. It will always be near.
Inna the temple. (Show no fear) Inna the temple. Inna the temple
(solo long)
It’s like an energy bath- come visit the temple
You can have a good laugh- come visit the temple
It’s good for you heart- come visit the temple
Let yourself fall apart- come visit the temple
Inna the temple 4x
God and man unite. Hearts fill up with light.
Ancestors surround you. Lost loved ones have found you.
Inna the temple (out)

Shine On

Written By: Saskia Pretorius

Shine On- S. Pretorius

Come to the edge he said. They said we are afraid. 2X
Come to the edge, come to the edge, come to the edge, he said,
So you can fly. Fly so high

If you never try you will never really know.
If you never try, never flourish, never grow.

Don’t fear rejection. Don’t fear humiliation
Don’t fear- you have protection. You have nothing to lose.

So Shine On- the hardest lessons are given to the strongest souls
Shine on- sometimes you need an extra push to reach the highest goals
Shine on- everybody’s got a spark of Jah so let the fire grow
Shine on- you don’t have to rush anything, it’s good to take things slow

The greatest teachers don’t always live long.
You can still learn from them as if their hearts still beating strong
They will never be forgotten, their legacy lives on- shine on.
Shine on brother shine on.

Do you remember now? You always knew how...

Come to the edge...

Don’t fear discrimination. Don’t fear the competition
Trust in your intuition- there is no one like you.

Shine on-...


EP- "Mystic Spell" 2006

Set List

Sets are typically 10 songs (about 1 hour) each, and we do 2-3 sets per show, depending on the venue. We do about 50% originals, 50% covers. Covers by Bob Marley, Jacob Miller, Gregory Isaacs, Israel Vibrations, and other roots reggae artists.