Muamin Collective

Muamin Collective

 Cleveland, Ohio, USA
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Muamin Collective is a trip through nostalgia and future. Bending genres like limbs in the wind, and hanging metephors out to dry on analog scaffolding, their albums are made for play back and their shows are one of a kind.


"We're on some rust belt-buckle and boot strap, all hand claps and bare knuckles, Dusty 45's, rusty factories, and blustery winters. . ."

Muamin Collective started as a concept - rapid fire critical thought over beats. Simple? Not as easy as it is said, but over the last 10 years what started as a concept has become praxis. A-Live is a scientist with the MPC, and ZiON is visionary in the crafting of song. Adding to the mix the two have recently collaborated with friend and (incredible) drummer Neil Chastain, Guitarist Mike McNamara and Jacob Wynne (Trumpet) and the prodigious Eli Hanley (Keys/synth bass), putting together a live band to interpret Muamin's catalog, and take the live show up another notch. The fruits of their labor are evident in the 8 song EP DiG (2016) released on ABSNFC (Amsterdam).

Aaron and Josiah were childhood friends growing up on Cleveland's east side, banging on lunch tables and freestyling late into the night. After Highschool they lost touch, but fate would reconnect them a few years later at a party held in mutual friend and Muamin co-founder R.A. Washington's studio space. The two quickly realized they were totally consumed by music, Listening to it, digging for it, and finally crafting it themselves. the rest is history. . . or at least discography

2003's Industry Standard was a blueprint, 2005's wheremypeoples@?! a model, but 2008's World Be Free is a trip thru nostalgia and future.

Their fourth studio album, SO BLUE IT'S BLACK (2012), is their most mature and consistent effort with dense narratives, imagery and wordplay over beats that range from the brooding synth of "Inna City", to the soul chops of "Wind", to the astro funk of "FareTradeFuture". The album was originally independently released, but picked up by (in)sect records (Austin, TX).

Accept this offering as a Gift for the muse, the Red, Black and Blues and the green between. Give these vibrations a home of Understanding, Cee US and know it's OnEWaY and that's UP


Muamin Collective:

acompilationofthingstocome - 2003 (Limited)

Industry Standard - 2005 (Digital & Limited)

wHereMYpeopLes@?! - 2007 (Digital & Limited)

World B. Free - 2009 (Fare Trade Records)

soBlue itsBlack - 2012 (in)sect Records

DiG - 2016 (ABSNFC)


FALL07 (limited)

WIN08 (limited)

SUM08 (limited)

Major Works- 2009 (Cleveland Tapes)

5aLive - 2010 (Cleveland Tapes)

Set List

Muamin Collective: 15min-60 min. (flexible)

No Covers, all original

Midwest Bank
Ponzi Scheme
Can I?
Cee Us
Mo Meta Blues
Capital Gains
This is Love
Any Other Way
What's the Use?
Fair Trade Future