Mu Chebabi

Mu Chebabi

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Funky samba, electro-accordions and acoustic guitars accompany the humorous lyrics and dynamism of the singer in a surprisingly coherent cocktail of sounds in which inspiration taken from the great Tom Ze may well be made out (not least in the sleeve’s industrial bric-a-brac graphics).


Mu Chebabi is pure ‘carioca’ i.e. from Rio, born and bred. But listen to his eponymous album and his origins become irrefutably apparent. Bursting with the rich blend of roots and culture that is the trademark of this tropical London by the sea, Mu’s work takes you on a sun-kissed promenade along the beach front of his Copacabana, stopping off to hang with the young rappers, then moving on to the long-haired rockers or the high-wired electronic producers without ever forgetting his bossa tradition


With "Casseta&Planeta" :

LP "Preto com um buraco no meio",

CD "Para comer alguem"

CD "The bost Of Casseta&Planeta"

and the first CD solo

CD - Mu Chebabi

Set List

A Volta dos Mortos Vivos (Mu Chebabi/Tigra/Daniela procópio)
Por 1,99 - (Mu Chebabi)
Pianista do Cinema Mudo - (Mu Chebabi/Mu Carvalho)
Fucking Music - (Mu Chebabi/Paulo Muylaert/Bussunda/Claudio Manoel/Beto Silva/Hubert/Helio de la penha/Marcelo Madureira/Reinaldo)
Apogeu e Glória do Rock n Roll - (Mu Chebabi/Bussunda/Claudio Manoel/Beto Silva/Hubert/Helio de la penha/Marcelo Madureira/Reinaldo)Zé Pelintra
Brasileiro - (Mu Chebabi/Gold)
Borogodó - (Mu Chebabi/Madê Grippi Chebabi)
Barraco da Madame (Mu Chebabi)
Perturba- (Mu Chebabi)
Poliglota - (Mu Chebabi/Hubert/Reinaldo)
Papo de Abelha - (Mu Chebabi)
A menina (Mu Chebabi)
Quem mandou ? (Mu Chebabi / Mombaça)
Gata de Botas (Mu Chebabi / Mombaça)
Linha de Passe (João Bosco/Aldir Blanck)

one set - about 1 hour