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"Old Press Review"

"A collective of musicians / boundary pushers who are not afraid of the borders set on 'popular music'.
You can swim within their sound (even if you just ate)." - The Transient Authority


Hailing from Rhode Island, MOGA creates a sound free from the city grim or the need to be hardcore. Which is incredibly refreshing, to say the least. Pulling together a slew of influences, MOGA composes a sound that slides down your throat like honey. Unlike too many other bands, MOGA is seemingly devoid of the pressure to prove themselves, so they don’t have to shove their music down your throat.

MOGA’s main backbone is a refreshing folk sound coupled with Oliver Williams’ striking impersonation of My Morning Jacket’s Jim James. For me, their standout tracks are the most barebones ones where the folk really shines. The minimal but emotionally charged lyrics of “Lil Darling” create a simple, sweet song that I couldn’t help but sing along to (though I am a sucker for sad music). “Mountaintop” is the most reminiscent of My Morning Jacket, though there is a sudden, but not abrupt, switch to jam rock halfway through. Moga’s incredibly adept harmonizing ability shines through on “Break My Bones, Bring Me Home” with its well-integrated keyboard and surf rock vibes.

Perhaps I’m simply letting my folk bias speak for me here, since MOGA has much more to offer than simple folk tracks. While at times their music feels a bit schizophrenic and overly ambitious in terms of drawing upon diverse influences, MOGA shows great dexterity at layering tracks and, as I said, harmonizing. In the hands of other bands, the tracks could easily fall apart into oversaturated messes but MOGA ties it all together. An affinity for The Flaming Lips’ psych synthing is heavy on tracks like “Mother Maya,” “Dogon,” and “Guava.” MOGA pulls it off, though, incorporating the psychedelic touches into a cohesively laid-back sound.

Catch the Rhode Island natives performing at The Carriage House here in Philly on March 5th.
- 9th and Cherry Records

"Moga (EP review)"

"...For the entirety of the album you're transported to a different time and place, which is so unbelievably rare these days that that single fact alone should be enough to make you want to go out and pick this up immediately, not to mention that these songs are really good... Just like the small state they hail from, they draw from a vast array of influences and manage to make something wholly unique, yet completely familiar... this band is the best thing Providence has going for them right now.
- Ben Forman

"Hide And Seek: Moga"

"...I've been struggling with myself these past few weeks to try and "tag" them, to call their true name and posses them. Instead, I now confess my inability to do so; it is I who is being possessed by the unknown and marvel at their own questing and seeking. The sound is unique, no doubt. But I think it is their own secret premise that hooked me, something wild and free, moving from joy to tears and back again, something primal. Something good..." - Laughing Evergreens Blog

"Moga and Ana Mallozzi Live Tonight"

Fans of darling indie folk like Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver or our own Death Vessel should get themselves down the 201 tonight for Moga, whose deftly layered and beautifully played songs cover lots of bases from the above mentioned to the more esoteric stuff of Brian Eno and the Flaming Lips. Joining Moga is the talented Ana Mallozzi who also guests on their rambling track “Mountaintop” - Providence Daily Dose


MOGA is a rock, experimental, folk band from Providence Rhode Island. I am struck by the forwardness of the way they write songs. It seems like they write what they want and how they want to do. This is one aspect of Indie music that really captivates me. This is a band that does not cut on production, nor do they settle for something less than inspirational. With influences like Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Band, Dylan, and The Dead, this band can really throw some rhythms together without being formulaic. They are also available for live shows, and have received some very positives reviews. A cool band from destined place.


Narrow River LP- under a different name

Moga EP-

All tracks off this are streaming on our myspace music player (



Moga represents us as people as well as a band. We take pride in our ability to show our true personalities and interests through our songs. We are influenced by the relationships we have with each other as well the relationships we have with the music we love.

What makes us unique is our ability to connect on stage as well as in the studio. We thrive of each others energy and it shows.

Our most recent show drew people in off the sidewalk to listen and had strangers asking where they could get a CD of our music. Local friends and fans are excited with our music and what were doing and feel we are a fun, up-lifting contrast in the Providence music scene. Over the past few months after the release of our EP, our fan base is rising greatly and people are very interested in what we are doing musically.

Starting a while back with just a guitar, drum-set and keyboards, our music has come a very long way. Local artists have collaborated and jammed with us and have had nothing more than a great time.

We've self-produced 2 full length albums, and self-released one of them. We're currently looking for funding/assistance to release the second.

We feel like the music we make isn't trying to be different or barrier breaking in any way. We just write and play music that comes from us and see what we can each add to it to make it OUR song. All of the songs we have written are very close and special to each one of us.

Some basic influences are Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Flaming Lips, Dr. Dog, Talking Heads, Fleet Foxes, and Animal Collective, as well as a series of dub reggae and funk bands...just to throw a few in the mix.