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"3/02/96 Splash Club - London"

Outside the venue there's a double decker tour bus. Not a unusual thing to see outside a gig, but definitely not something you see outside what can only be called a pub venue. It appears that, apart from England, Europe is into Mucky Pup in a big way, and they're onto a good thing as well. Up till now, Mucky Pup's biggest claim to fame is that two members left to form Dog Eat Dog, but if you think about that you'll realize that they must have come from a good band in the first place.

For one thing, Mucky Pup, at least tonight, are a lot more fun than Dog Eat Dog. It's written all over their faces: Hinge is attempting to override his brain and stop himself smiling (a terrible battle ensues), whilst keyboards and whistle man (a pretty mean whistle blower to boot) Kevin Powers must surely be the most ecstatic ever to perform to a live audience, boasting a smile that is overwhelmingly contagious.

Musically, it's just as fun, for Mucky Pup prove themselves to be masters of dumb American hardcore, a la NOFX only with slightly less cynical leanings. Sing along as they deliver "Hippies Hate Water", laugh to the lyrics of "The Skinheads Broke My Walkman (a Sony)" and Jive to the not-so-dumb but far more rocking "This Ain't Working". Leave content in the knowledge that tonight you saw Elvis and he's lost a lot of weight.

4/5 -Neil Aldis - Metal Hammer

"Camden Underworld, London"

The small crowd clustered in the bowels of the Underworld don't seem to be paying much attention to Near Death Experience, which is a pity. The energetic quartet certainly make all the right noises. Definitely a band to watch. And so on to the headliners.

Okay, so one of Mucky Pup may have buggered off to form Dog Eat Dog, but that doesn't stop the tails wagging tonight. With a repertoire that includes such gems as 'Fucked Up', 'Short Attention Span', '3 Little Pigs', 'Batman' and the absolutely classic 'Hippies Hate Water', the Pups could hardly fail to entertain. And with frontman Chris Milnes in vintage form, this really is Mucky Pup at their best and funniest. Milnes is a real star, drinking vast quantities of alcohol and taking the piss out of everything and everyone - audience, band or anything else that springs into his twisted mind.

Unbelievable as it sounds, at times it was a bit like watching prime-time David Lee Roth singing short, sharp punk-metal classics played with sparkle, verve and endless bundles of enthusiasm. Mucky Pup might have been left behind by their peers, but, if tonight is anything to go by, there's life in this old dog yet.

Most Rocking Moment:
Chris Milnes dressed as Elvis Presley in a rubber boiler suit, pulling cliched heavy metal poses.

Least Rocking Moment:
Not a single one.

Best Onstage Quote:
"One of us up here onstage was caught masturbating in the Louvre the other day... really!" - Chris Milnes

Laugh till you drop.

4/5 - Xavier Russell - KKKerrang!!!


Can't You Take a Joke? (1987)
A Boy in a Mans World (1988)
NOW (1989)
Act of Faith (1990)
Lemonade (1992)
Alive & Well (1993)
Five Guys in a Really Hot Garage (1996)



New Jersey comedic hardcore metallists Mucky Pup paved the way for such future juvenile acts as the Bloodhound Gang (look no further than some of their song titles -- "You Stink But I Love You", "Death by Cholesterol", "Hippies Hate Water," "She Quieffed," etc.). The group originally formed in the mid-'80s, comprised of members Dan Nastasi (guitar), John Milnes (drums), Chris Milnes (vocals), and Scott LePage (bass), which led to numerous local shows and two demos that sold well. This led to a deal with the independent Torrid label, as the group issued albums on a steady basis for nearly ten years: 1987's Can't You Take a Joke?, 1989's A Boy in a Man's World, 1991's Now, 1992's Act of Faith, 1993's Lemonade, 1995's in-concert Alive and Well, and 1996's Five Guys in a Really Hot Garage. Although Mucky Pup never broke out of the metal/hardcore underground in the U.S., they achieved much greater success overseas in Europe. The group split up by the late '90s, as founder Nastasi (who had left the group a few years prior) achieved moderate success with a similarly styled outfit, Dog Eat Dog. In February of 2000, Mucky Pup reunited for a one-off show in New Jersey. 2008 marks the 20th Anniversary for the band and will be celebrated with a mini-tour featuring the all star lineup found on the NOW record, Chris Milnes, Dan Nastasi, Marc DeBacker, John Milnes and Kevin Powers.