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Shalamroud 12/30/2008

Kokheo & Kalakhet 11/6/2009




The Mud band set up on January 2000 by Abdi Behravanfar. The band started playing under name of MUD with these members, Abdi Behravanfar (lead guitar, harmonica and vocal), Ali Baghfar (drums), Navid Arbabian (bass), Saman Rajabi (Keyboards, guitar), and Mohsen Namjoo (setar, vocal).

On December, 13th-14th and 15th, 2002. Despite the Mud's members were unknown, their performance received greatly by their audience. The song named “Raftam Sare Kooche” which was performed that night was in fact the band's next step for next concert.

The band by using their knowledge tried to attain a form of putting rock and Iranian folk music together, so they experienced covering Classical rock, Blues, country,blending with Persian songs and Iranian folk styles.

By moving Mohsen to Tehran, the Mud music went more toward real rock and its roots in Blues and Jazz. It was around this time that Abdi met Mustafa and Mustafa Yavari joined the band as a poet and songwriter. Closeness of his age and his self experience had its effect on group Mud’s songs. Many songs were improvised while rehearsing which became one of Mud’s main features even while playing. During these days Sorush Moghadam was added to the band as a flout player.
On September 2003, Mud went on stage for second time. Two days before concert Mohsen joined the band. At first night despite of Police presence, Ansar Hezbollah stampede into the saloon to cancel the concert, but the group did not stop playing and ended it with a song named “Vagh Vaghe sag”. The second and third night, with judge sentence and also uncertain reasons, the concert was canceled.
Mud’s next step was recording the song “Vagh Vaghe Sag”. The song got ninth place in Tehran Avenue third Festival. The closeness of the song to real life and the events of those days, were the reasons of recording. Abdi (bass, guitar, vocal), Mohsen (vocal), and Ali Baghfar (drums) played. Recording this song was another experience in playing, singing and composing which was the other factor for making original songs, with combination of Persian sounds and life’s reality.
Despite the mud band was not allowed having any performances; they played .
The band became a name with different players and vocals, while playing at Mud’s tableau.
The Talks around and about the band ended to the member's separation for a while.
After a while,Abdi (guitar player and vocal), Navid (bassist) and Mehdi Azizi on drums started rehearsing under the name Mud band. During this time, they performed at Ebne Sina hall.
Then the Mud band collaborated with Mohsen for recording his Album “Toranj” which was released two years later.
In August 2006, Abdi moved to Armenia, he also started producing his first album “Shalamroud”. Abdi (vocal,guitar,harmonica),Navid(bass), Ali(drums), Pouyan Ghandi(guitar)and Massoud Fayyaz zadeh(guitar). The album’s production lasted for one year. Of course the delay in recording had a great effect on creating real contents which came from Abdi’s experience.It was released by Bamahang production in united states.
Worthy of mention is the live recording; in brief the closeness to real life which was the main feature of the band.
Armenia, summer of 2007, Abdi(vocal,guitar,harmonica), Mohsen (setar)and Ehsan Zare Gheshlaghi (tombak) performed a new composing of Mud music.
After that Abdi had 3 other performances in Armenia,at Avangard folk music club,The club and Naregatsi art institute.
In 2009 Abdi's second album ''Kokheo and kalakhet'' released by Zirzamin Production in United states.The album is a blend of rock and khorassan folk music,along with rock and folk instruments. Asheque Aliakbar Bahari one of the legendry folk musicians of khorassan collaborated, playing Sorna,Kamancheh and Ghoshmeh which the age of it goes back to 4000 years ago.The blend of Jazz and Blues harmony with folk melodies of Khorassan is mainly expressed in this album.
Returning to Iran,One performance of Mud band in a garden around Tehran was released on DVD in 2009. Another performance of this band was with asheque Aliakbar Bahari in Enghelab art forum.
Abdi performed several concerts with the band and had several solo performances, underground, in cafes and art forums.