mud bison

mud bison


If Sufjan Stevens knocked up Rufus Wainwright, and their child knocked up the Beatles, and their child knocked up the Kinks, the product of that relationship would be Mud Bison.

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Written By: Spencer Russell

She sits and she waits and she watches the clock
Writes up a note, cause it's monday.

She's got her foot on the edge of the dock and one in the boat, cause it's monday.

Africa is in good hands, she makes me want to be a better man.

She stumbles in at a quarter to two, the chap on her lips is a warning,

She thinks of his hands of his face dripping with sweat and she feels so bad in the morning.

Africa is where he'll be. All that I want is for her to just love me.

And I'm a pacifist to your empty kiss, your lips said you missed his bones, and it's a sad dreary day, monday.

And girl I don't mind if you run out on me for your friends, family or just curry,

cause I need your smile, need your laugh, need your eyes. I've fallen in love! So don't worry... don't you worry.... girl don't worry! Little Hillary!

We'll just have to wait and see.