Lindon, Utah, USA

Older brother to Columbia recording artist Isaac Russell, the group's writer and front man Spencer Russell now presents his own offering. Silky vocals combine with remarkable chord progressions and arrangements to create a truly unique, category-defiant sound.


In 2010, the group's writer and front man Spencer Russell completed backup vocals on his younger brother Isaac Russell's debut Columbia release (scheduled for release mid-2010). The band's sound is marked by Russell's remarkable, pure vocals and progressive, electro-acoustic tunes that often defy classification. Russell is backed by keyboardist and vocalist, Caitlin Duncan whose pitch-pure, crystal clear sound provides the perfect compliment. The band's live set includes drummer, Zac Sloat, and bassists Russ Alphin and Jarred Kearnes - who also plays the baritone horn and trumpet on several tracks. Strong hooks and complex rhythms weave their way through their entire repertoire. Their songs are sequenced to breathe -- ranging from the band's quiet and restrained ballads to its raging, beat-based offerings. But above all, these songs are about the tunes -- wildly inventive, intelligently crafted. Soon after Russell began performing, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer -- an illness that would eventually take her life. Her voice is featured on the song "Joy!" The CD's title [A] references Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter -- reflecting Russell's observations regarding both judgment and redemption.


Time Machine [2009, as Spencer Russell]
A - mudbison [2010]