mud creek

mud creek


americana; neo-folk , country undertones. Stories of love,loss,betrayal, lust and inner demons exorcised in timeless melodies


Hailing from western New York high school friends Adam and Chuck both left there respective small towns in opposite directions. Adam for Boulder Colorado, Chuck for NYC. Twenty years past and neither heard hide or hair of the other until a random email to Adam from Chuck's sister, who Adam dated in high school. Turns out they lived 3 blocks from each other in Los Angeles. Adam showed up at Chucks house with his J200 and a handful of songs; they started playing that night. Roots music, honest lyrics and the love of just playing for a friendly ear. Above the studio door, the motto "just go in".
Adam brings his singer-songwriter americana style to multi-intrumentalist Chuck's jazz, classical and rock sensiblities to make Mud Creek's timeless songs. "I don't know what style of music you'd call it , hopefully good!" is often their response when asked.
It grabbed KCRW's Mornings Become Eclectic Nic Hartcourts attention when he heard the demo track of "Dark of Night" at his chiropractors office. Adam was going the same office for a work injury and gave a copy to the doctor, only in LA! Mud Creek plays at some of LA's best know haunts, Tangier, The Hotel Cafe, The Viper Room and The Mint to name a few. They are currently recording their debut cd to be released sometime this summer.


Adam Austin "finally found" 2002 recieved airplay at KUNC,CO KAFM,CO, KBUT,CO,
KVNF,CO, KXCI,AZ, WSDP,MI,XM Satellite radio, Radio/Sinaii Belgium
Mud Creek's "demos" have been played on KCRW Mornings Become Eclectic and KSVY, CA

Set List

10-12 songs, 45mins. to an hour long.
Til Dawn, Dark of Night , Better Day, Telephone Calls, Pretend, Spinning Round, Betrothed, Finally Found, Ophelia, Off the Shoulder,
We through in a cover now and than like Wild Horses(stones with a break neck bluegrass romp feel)or lead into one of orginals with a vamp on Jimi Hendrix or Swing low , whatever pops up into our twisted little minds.