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"Interesting Find"

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Angels in the Outfield
I am harkening back to a band I've mentioned before. At the time, I didn't know much about the band, but now, after having the chance to not only review an updated profile but also meet the band in person, I can go into much further detail.


Upon arrival, I immediately met Mike (Guitarist). He was very low-key and easy going. Soon after, I was introduced to Ember (vocals), whose name I mispronounced as, "Amber," but was quickly corrected. Good info for anyone in confusion ;). Next, I met Chris who showed me his incredible 6-string bass. Finally, though I never got formally introduced, I met Dillon (Drums) who was playing with a broken hand.

They are very real people who play music for the love of it. Something many people can relate to. They play quite a few local shows and have gotten quite good at what they do. Meeting them was much to my pleasure and I recommend anyone in Tulsa, OK to look up the area to see if they are playing and attend.

Thanks for reading,

For more info check out their updated myspace profile in which you are greeted with a picture of the four and get to learn much more about them and their music: - Shift Reviews

"Interesting Find"

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Interesting Find - MuddAngel
I stumbled across this band after hearing my brother mention them. Their music evokes a really interesting vibe so it's definitely worth a listen. I can't say much about the band as I don't know a lot and the site is very vague; however, I think this band has a lot of potential in the direction they're heading. Go check out some of their songs!

Members include:

Ember Graziano
Mike Graziano
Dillon Escue
Nick Graziano
Travis Taylor

Official site -

You can also follow MuddAngel on
- Shift Reviews


Still working on a better demo. We currently have some mp3's and live video's on our myspace.
and on youtube



Mike Graziano and Ember Graziano are the originating members. Though Muddangel's music has always existed in time and space, we have finally captured it and can now share it with the world. The O G's of Muddangel have existed for 2 years and then after writing the 24th song it was decided that the other original members needed to be added immediately. We have been through a couple drummers, but officially Chuck Blackwell (from the Leon Russell Band) has fully captured the sound and found his way into permanency with Muddangel. As far as the bass sounds go, it started as Ember doing the vocals and the bass. To help things along she learned the bass guitar quickly and well. But the front man/woman, we felt needed the freedom to express all that she wanted to express, and that needed to be done without being held back by a cord and instrument. So after searching through various avenues to find the bassist, our original and permanent Bud Whitledge found and captured the Muddangel bass sounds and delivers it for us. The Production so far behind the Muddangel sound has been sucked down from space by the one and only Nick Graziano from Dogsway. Also a historical piece of muddangels history. you can check them out on myspace also. (so do it) thats it so far. to be continued........