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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Muddy Miles at the Gander GIG REVIEW"

For some strange reason Muddy Miles (pictured at top) had escaped my attention until just a few months ago. Why that is I have no idea, as these guys are right up my musical street. With their space-page citing just two influences (Neil Young and Pink Floyd) they’re hardly decorating their lapels with a long row of badges, but no matter… those two artists capture the essence of Muddy Miles perfectly. An adoring crowd have been worshipping them at close-quarters at The Gander, so I joined them for another chance to sink into a beautiful Muddy slumber, occasionally rising up into a heady, heavy pounding, lead by Kid Tom’s double-kicked drum and Muhebur’s raging manifesto. To quote Andrea True: ‘More, More, More’.

Tony Foster, BHone
- BHone

"Muddy Miles at Joiners GIG REVIEW"

Following Emma Payn’s set I went for the obligatory cig and booze stop, whilst catching England FC under performing on the TV, my disappointment in those wearing three lions on a shirt was soon forgotten about as Muddy Miles took to the stage. Now I know there is every type of music out there now from two-step, three step, bump ‘n’ grind, grind core, taxi driver metal, washing machine metal but I don’t know if there is such a thing as Acid Metal yet? If there isn’t then I have just copyrighted that phrase and would like to point out that Acid Metal officially came into circulation the day Muddy Miles hit The Joiners.

Muddy Miles cite their influences as Pink Floyd and Neil Young and I can definitely hear that in their sound and in their expertise with the whammy bar! The fact that most of their set was taken up with two songs, 'How About A Nice Cup Of Tea' and 'Tarantula' did not seem to bother the audience. In fact the threesome, that consist of Tom Burgess, Muhebur Shaha, and Tariqur Shaha, pretty much won over the entire audience with the musicianship and stage performance! I think Muddy Mile could soon be familiar with a lot of people especially after their album 'Abacus Cactus’ is released on 29th August.

Brett Summer, Mintsouth
- MintSouth

"Muddy Miles at Champions GIG REVIEW"

Muddy Miles build a barrage of white noise in Champions that is so intense, my eardrums have been forced to set up sandbag defences and retreat underground. The distortion is a heavy velvet drape hung over the tunes, from under which the keynotes of a classic prog sensibility shine through. See them play at Champions again later this month (Novemeber 7th).

The Fly Magazine
- The Fly Magazine


Abacus Cactus EP (2009)
Tracklisting: 1.Remeber a tomorrow
2.How about a nice cup of tea
4.Pebble in my pocket

Uncomfortable Masterpiece EP (2008)
Tracklisting: 1.Space ghost
2.Dear mr nice president



Genre: Psychedelic/Progessive/Rock
Offical Band Website:

Muddy Miles are an experimental/progressive rock band who are dedicated to creating intense, thought-provoking, boundary pushing yet capturing music. Based in Poole, Muhebur Shaha, Tariqur Shaha and Tom Burgess have given their lives to music, and in doing so they are already shaking up the contemporary music scene with their energetic and distinctive live shows that blend a high degree of musicianship and raw emotion to create a live atmosphere.

Heavily influenced by "Live In Pompeii" By Pink Floyd, Muddy Miles was formed to create a refreshing sound to rock experimentation. The three stand by their guns to construct some wondrous, weird and influential music, combining Progressive, Grunge and Psychedelic elements to produce what is described as colourful and “Beautifully heavy” by promoters over the south coast of the United Kingdom and Europe.

Adopting a Fugazi like approach to working with their music, from touring to recording, Muddy Miles fit into the “do it yourself” band category. Gigs, tours, CD duplication, T-shirt designs are all done by the members themselves, taking pride in their work ethics and general hard work in order to get the best out of their music and give as much possible to their fans.

Muddy Miles drive their music as far as they can whilst maintaining a high standard of musicianship and song writing that possesses a hard-hitting quality. The three-piece keep a dreamy, mystical and experimental side prominent in their music and in doing so create something refreshing, the result is a loyal and growing fan base.