Muddy Nasty River

Muddy Nasty River


Muddy Nasty River is the garage blues of a world in desperate need of garage blues. This new Louisville, KY band features Dirty Dave of the Glasspack and is sure to get your bootie moving and awaken the ghost of Jimi Hendrix.


Founded in the gloomy Ohio waters of Louisville, KY, USA by "Dirty" Dave Johnson (the Glasspack, Dirty Bird) and Mr. Mark Campbell (Purple Jesus, Strike City, Instant Camera.) Currently working on fishing, bird calls, and getting drunk. The band is set to play a few parties at SXSW 2007.


ONLY demos at this point have been recorded. We have been contacted and have interest from several record labels, but have not made a decision yet.

Set List

The typical set time is about 30 minutes right now. We can play a quiet bluesy set or a loud garage rockin set.
Typical song set:
1. Black Sabbath/Muddy Nasty River 1
2. Turkeys Downtown
3. 80 Proof (10+ minutes)
4. Floyd's Nob
5. Whiskey House
6. Muddy Nasty River 2