Merzig, Saarland, DEU

2 female fronted ass-kickin' Alternative-Rock Band from the southwest of Germany. Either if you like it loud or low, the muddy porcupines make it just raw and real. Enter the ring to get a explosive performance and join the muddy porcupines.


The muddy porcupines formed 2007. With their mix of punk, alternative-rock and grunge of the early 90s, the muddy porcupines characterize with their two female front-sirens that fit seamlessly into the driving sound of the three musicians. The foreign exchange, no matter whether soft or loud tones, it must sound raw and honest. Facts that especially live, help m.p. to get a great power and make every show an event. join the ring to become a muddy porcupine

Gegründet 2007. Mit ihrem Mix aus Punk, Alternative-Rock und Grunge der frühen 90er, bestechen the muddy porcupines durch ihre 2 weiblichen Frontröhre, die sich nahtlos in den peitschenden Sound der drei Musiker einfühlen. Die Devise dabei, egal ob laute oder leise Töne: Roh und ehrlich muss es klingen. Gründe welche m.p. vorallem live zu einer enormen Kraft verhelfen und jede show zu einem Ereignis machen. Join the ring to become a muddy porcupine


Almost Famous (self-release)
Album - Fresh born unicorn (end of 2010)

Set List

only self written set.

Tracklist: (thesedays)
- fresh born unicorn
- all I wanted
- take that fly
- are you wondering
- shame
- babylon babe
- come home
- mary mary
- you'll see
- empty
- pretty
- war in the bedroom