Mudflower is a hardworking grass-roots rock band from northwest Ohio whose repertoire encompasses a strong three album back catalog. Their material ranges from inspired alternative rock to lush evocative acoustic ballads that consistently deliver the goods.


Singer Adam Darr's delivery resonates with the conviction and grit of John Lennon and is as earnest as it is soulful. The overall power of the three piece backing band (comprised of drummer Scott Freeze and brothers Mike and Dan Hoke on guitar and bass) shines on tracks like "Kind" which comes across like a distant cousin to STP's rapturous rock aide and their majestic, soaring anthem "Silver screen". Light touches of piano and strings elevate this track to classic rock status complete with an icing-on-the-cake grandiose guitar solo that is almost reminiscent of the southern soul of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Mudflower is a dedicated, ambitious unit looking to crack the billboard charts as well as the hearts of their fans. With a mix of raw, naked emotion and a powerhouse groove, their sound is simultaneously retro and original. Pouring their bodies and souls into what they do there is no telling how far and wide their music will reach.

Currently working on their fourth CD in five years, Mudflower displays the kind of prolific songwriting necessary to be a "career band". They have shared the stage with acts as diverse as Sponge, Tantric, Foreigner and Blind Melon. CD's, T-shirts and other merchandise are available through Watch this band; you'll be hearing a lot from them in the future.

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