Mudman McGillicuddy

Mudman McGillicuddy


I am a lyricist who happens to play guitar. My songs are considered songs only because I can play. The words have more work put into them than the music does. Every song I write has a point and has an insiration from where it came from. Inane songs are not my bag.


It's just me. Everything I write is me. My whole life is splashed into all of these songs. My achievements, my failures, my lessons, my humor and my understandings.
My influences are Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Jim Croce and Neil Young. Mixed all of these with living in Las Vegas for 14 years and you have Mudman McGillicuddy.


Mudman McGillicuddy - No Cash Value - not yet released.
Have been recording since February, 2007.
No tracks have not yet been released to the public.

Set List

Wasted Humanity, The Ultimate Break-up Song, King of Vegas, Civil Royalty, Unsaid Farewell, Lizzie, Satan, Valentine Song, Titled, Life, Unplugged

Set Time: about 45 min.