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Bangor, Maine, United States | INDIE

Bangor, Maine, United States | INDIE
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"Bangor jam band celebrates two years of getting muddy"

Feel like letting loose and dancing up a storm? Prepare to get “muddy” with one of Bangor’s favorite jam bands.

This Friday and Saturday, Mudseason will be celebrating their two-year anniversary as a band. Featuring six talented musicians that truly know how to get down, Mudseason will play tons of tunes that will get you moving.

Check them out this Friday, April 8th, at Chummies Bar in Ellsworth, and on Saturday night at Ipanema Bar and Grill, right in downtown Bangor.

To hear more of Mudseason’s music click here.

(Photos courtesy of Mudseason)
- Dispatch Magazine

"11 People To Watch In the New Year"

11. Mudseason, Bangor-based jam band

Anthony Ambrosino, James Morang, Windell White, Jed Profeta, Fred Snyder and Hannah Summers Jones are the six core members of the band Mudseason. They had a great year last year, playing local festivals and getting into the first-ever Nateva Festival in Oxford. This year, they’re poised to take it to the next level, with a new album set for the summer, gigs all over New England, and a featured spot on Relix Magazine’s winter CD compilation. Mainers already know their blend of folk and roots rock, with just enough psychedelic funk sprinkled in to turn heads and intrigue ears. We’re just going to have to learn to share it with the rest of the country. - Bangor Daily News

"Mudseason WLBZ 2"

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"11/13/09 Rockin' Out Roots-rock trio on tap at Sea Dog"

By Emily Burnham
BDN Staff

It really was that easy. After one night of playing together, Anthony Ambrosino, Windell White and Jimmy Morang knew that this was the band they had been looking for. It was love at first note for the three, now known as the Bangor roots-rock trio Mudseason, who are set to play tonight at the Sea Dog Brewery on the Bangor Waterfront.
Ambrosino, the singer and guitarist for the group, was in between jobs and floating around New England when he came back in Bangor last April. A chance encounter at a local bar brought him in contact with his future band mates.
“I came up into Bangor and went to an open mike night on a Wednesday. I met Jimmy and Windell that night and played with them,” said Ambrosino. “The next day we went to the open mike at the Brick Church on Union Street. Two weeks later, we were recording an album. It didn’t feel fast or weird at all.”
Seven months later, and Mudseason has a full-length album recorded, as well as a list of original songs that would take most bands two years to come up with. Ambrosino attributes his band’s early success to a shared work ethic.
“We’re all willing to work really hard,” he said. “We come from very different backgrounds, and we have different tastes, but we all share a love of music and a work ethic, and that’s what keeps us going.”
Case in point: Ambrosino’s roots are in the folkier, jammier side of rock. White is proud to say he grew up strongly steeped in R&B and jazz, and his funky, polyrhythmic drumming is proof of that. Morang, however, was originally a metal guy. So how do a metal head, a jazz guy and a folkie work those three distinct sounds to-gether? Well, listen for yourself at
“The thing about it is, we all just really love music, and we’re all willing to bring our different influences to the table and make them work together,” said White. “There’s something that ties everything together in music, and I think we’re able to find that thread and go with it.”
While Mudseason has been rocking bars and restaurants in the Bangor area since last spring, they had their biggest audience not at any particular club — but by simply setting up and playing on the street at the American Folk Festival last August.
“We brought our hand drums and battery-powered amps and just set up on the sidewalk,” said Ambrosino. “I love that kind of impromptu thing. We got a lot of really positive response from the crowd, too. And we got to see Clinton Fearon, the reggae guy, afterwards. It was a great day.”
After this weekend’s show, Mudseason has a few one-off gigs in the area before a big showcase at the Next Generation Theater on Center Street in Brewer, set for Dec. 28. A fundraiser for the H.O.M.E. Center in Orland, the show will feature Mudseason along with Slow Blind Tone and Sweet Terror, all local bands.
Until then, they’re cranking out more songs each week — the band recently wrote a song titled “Broken Wing,” inspired by the reaction among friends and family the day after 53 percent of Maine voted to deny gay people the right to marry. None of the band members was thrilled about that result. But they are firm believers in the idea that whatever you put into the world is what you get back out of it.
“I don’t think anything is as contagious as enthusiasm,” said Ambrosino. “We’re running on all cylinders right now. When you work together and try to be positive and put out good vibes, you definitely breed positivity among each other and in everyone you encounter. This is the most fun I’ve ever had playing music. I think that says something.”
Mudseason will play at 10 p.m. Friday Nov. 13 at the Sea Dog Brewery in Bangor. For information, visit

- By Emily Burnham: Bangor Daily News

"Nateva Festival brings big-time bands to Maine"

rockin' out
Nateva Festival brings big-time bands to Maine

By Emily Burnham
BDN Staff
Veteran Oklahoma-based indie rockers the Flaming Lips are among a wide array of musical acts playing at the Nateva Festival, debuting Thursday July 1, at the Oxford Fairgrounds

It’s less than a week away from the biggest paying music festival Maine has seen since Phish rocked Limestone in 2003, and concert promoter Frank Chandler is feeling pretty good about everything. Cautious, but good.

After all, the Nateva Festival, announced last year and building on powerful buzz ever since, is poised to become Maine’s answer to big-name festivals around the nation, like Coachella and Bonnaroo. The fun kicks off with a preview night on Thursday, July 1, and continues into the wee hours of Sunday, July 4, at the Oxford Fairgrounds. For Chandler, it will cap 18 months of working and planning.

“It’s all about creating this little temporary community that is centered around music,” said Chandler. “It’s uniquely intimate, since we’ve capped ticket sales at 15,000. It’s not like other festivals, where there are just thousands upon thousands of people. We don’t want anyone to feel overwhelmed. That was always the goal.”

The end result of all that planning is Nateva, which over the course of four days will bring a wide array of jam bands, indie rockers, blues, bluegrass, folk and funk artists to western Maine, along with local bands. They range in genre from pioneering psychedelic indie rockers The Flaming Lips to Further, composed of members of the Grateful Dead. In between, there’s the elegant, cerebral rock of Grizzly Bear, the powerful blues duo Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi, funk legends George Clinton and P-Funk All Stars, and more than 40 others. No wonder you’re supposed to camp out on site. There’s so much to hear and see.

Chandler, a self-described jam band fan, knew he wanted a strong jam presence — hence the performances from groups like Umphrey’s McGee, Moe and Sound Tribe Sector 9. But there are still legions of fans of other genres that are just as interested in attending a large outdoor festival.

“I think having the core of any festival be about jam bands is a smart move, because jam band fans are some of the best fans out there. They’ll travel hours and hours to go see their favorite band,” said Chandler. “But a one-genre festival is lacking. That’s why we tried to have a strong indie and alternative edge to it, surrounded by bluegrass and electronica and all kinds of genres.”

Though festival-goers will come for the music, they will be exposed to lots more than just bands during the four days of the event. Chandler and company have planned an assortment of other activities, including a farmer’s market featuring Maine farmers and growers, a Ferris wheel, late night movies on a big screen, and a sig-nificant children’s area for parents who wish to bring their families. There’s even a silent disco, in which participants put on individual headphones and dance, though to onlookers they appear to be moving in silence.

Chandler also wanted to showcase some of the great bands Maine has to offer. These include Portland-based rockers Grand Hotel, Portland indie band Brenda, Dover-Foxcroft-originating alt-country band the Mallett Brothers, and Bangor jam-funk group Mudseason.

Anthony Ambrosino, lead singer and guitarist for Mudseason, heard the news the band was accepted back in April, after they had submitted a SonicBids electronic press kit in ordered to be considered for inclusion. His band, which also includes bassist James Morong, drummer Windell White and keyboard player Jed Profeta, will play at 11 a.m. Sunday, kicking off that day’s festivities.

“We are just thrilled, thrilled, thrilled. It’s a whole new experience,” said Ambrosino. “The folks at Nateva understand things, and they seemed to get what we’re all about.”

Ambrosino and company have had an eventful few weeks. Word of the Nateva gig came on the heels of the band learning they were being included in the equally large-scale KahBang Festival, set for Aug. 14 and 15 on the Bangor Waterfront, and at the Winterport Music Festival, Aug. 7 in downtown Winterport. For Nateva, Mudseason has added a three-piece horn section, dubbed the Black Fly Horns, featuring Bangor trumpet player John Patterson, Orono sax man Les Rhoda and Bar Harbor flute phenom Hannah Summers Jones.

“It’s been a really gratifying few months here, between all these great gigs and people kind of coming on board with the things we’re trying to do,” he said. “I’ve been playing music all my life, so to have some important things fall into place is just awesome, and I want to thank everyone who’s helped us along for coming to the dream we have.”

Though he’s coming at it from a different angle, Chandler, the Nateva organizer, is in many ways in the same boat. Chandler was laid off from a job at a financial services firm in Boston in 2008. Instead of staying in his field, he pursued a career change that incorporates his passion: music.

“I wanted to combine my livelihood and my passion,” said Chandler. “What better opportunity than something like this?”

All weekend camping passes to the Nateva Festival are sold out, but day passes and weekend passes with satellite camping still are available. For ticket information and full band schedules, visit Believe me — there’s far more than just what’s listed here.

- Emily Burnahm :Bangor Daily news


A Road To Nowhere
Home In The Mud

--Streaming on Myspace

--Radio Play on:
89.9 WERU, Orland,ME.
100.3 WKIT, Bangor,ME.
91.9 WMEB, Orono,ME.



Mudseason's music is an explorative blend of jam band, folk, funk, jazz, and rock that " what it is."

Since the debut of their album "A Road To Nowhere" in August 2009, Mudseason have been "going deep" in bars, clubs, and festivals throughout Maine. Mudseason is very enjoyed by those who encounter this Folk -a - delic four piece. Mudseason released a live compilation called "Home In the Mud," documenting their first year as a band. I t was given to people at their one year birthday bash. Mudseason is currently working on their second full length studio album. "Broken Wing" is a complete turnaround from "a Road to Nowhere". It will be released in the fall of 2011 and will feature a few very distinguished guest appearances. Mudseason explores it's core members fuzion with a blend of Industrial jam overtones , as featured in the song "Confined Space", a song about Anthony's life working on the road as a boiler maker / welder in power plants of the greater eastern seaboard. "November Reign" brings more jazz and acid - groove flavor to the mix. "November Reign also appeared on the Spring 2011 RELIX MAGAZINE CD sampler, sharing the disk with FURTHER, The DECEMBERISTS, Jack Tempchin, Moogoo2. Songs like "The High" and "Music" and the title track "Broken Wing" feature the bands vocal dynamics, while the track "Jerry's Tune" will feature Grammy nominated saxophonist Mars Williams -"Liquid Soul, Physcadelic Furs, XMARSX, Umphrey's McGee".

In their home state of Maine, Mudseason can be heard and felt at the local and national music and art festivals. They opened 2010's fourth of July's day of music at the inaugural Nateva Music and Arts festival where Furthur featuring Phil Lesh & Bob Weir, the Flaming Lips, moe., the Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi band, Zappa plays Zappa, STS9, She & Him ..., all played and enjoyed the Maine summer weather. The summer of 2011, Maine made mud flies freely over the Festivals at Harry Browns Farm www.friends of the
Mudseason will venture out of the great state of Maine in the summer of 2011 too. In July, they will be performing in Waterbury ,CT. at the 4th annual Rockur ink off music and art festival festival. The summer of 2011 will come to a close with a 12:30pm performance on the closing day of the Artsquest SteelJam Festival in Bethleham,PA. Mudseason will be featured in OHIO at the RuKUS-the Festival in late September.

Future plans include colleges and ski area tour of the greater New England region for the late winter/ early spring 2012. Returning to vacationland to shred the adventure sports outfitters , i.e. rafting/skydiving locations in Maine. Plans to work on Mudseason's third studio effort "REDUCE" are also in the works.

The 4-piece band has recently downsized to Guitar, Bass, Flute, and Drums.

In the beginning there were four ( Drums, Bass, Guitar, Percussion ). Then there was three. Then Keys were added in the fall of 2009. Percussion was added again in the winter of 2010. A pairing of horns known as "the Black Flys", Les Rhoda sax and John Patterson trumpet, would buzz in from time to time. In June of 2010 Hannah joined the band on Flute. There was a core of six plus the Black Flys for the Nateva Music festival performance. The big sound was embraced for few more performances. Mudseason had a privileged performance where Grammy Award Nominee, Mars Williams and free jazz bassist Kyle Jones( E.K.S) sat in with them in a bar type setting. In the spring of 2011 Mudseason shortened its core to four. The Black Flys still buzz in from time to time.

Anthony, Hannah, and James perform in the Bangor area as the trio known as MUD3zen, acoustic guitar, Flute, and Bass, respectively.

Mudseason's front three have a unique electric sound from a multitude of effect pedals by each member. At any one time there can be real time forward and reverse looping, three ( 3 ) combinations of wah, and more delay than a time machine. The entire time, Wendell holds the rhythm and projects his gospel roots, harmonizing, delivering minds to a safe place of reflection. With Bluegrass and Folk driving the song writing process and free form acid jazz jams guiding the live setting, this project is truly unique.

As singer/guitarist and chief songwriter Anthony Ambrosino explains:

"...Mudseason is a working living project. We are in existence only for enthusiastic positively charged music and our influences are:

Anthony: Lightning Hopkins, Umphrey's McGee, Grateful Dead
Wendell: Weather Report, Herbie Hancock, Rush
Shoeless: Phish, Cake, Beastie Boys
Hanhah: Ornette Coleman, Premik Russel-Tubbs, Mars Williams

There is nothing more to be said other than it's a little bit further than they've gone before,different, every night :O).