Mudslide started in 1980 with Kevin, Chris, and Scott and changed in 1985 to Kevin, (Kevin's brother Loren), and Andy Phillips. Currently, Mudslide consists of singer/drummer Kevin Schultz, singer/guitarist Steven Koenigsberg and bassist George Allen.


This trio is thundering loud, rock, heavy metal hit song-oriented fm radio playing and live performance wild, wild, with lots of guitars, solo action, and even occasionally lunging into drum soloing, especially at their previous Show Box green room gigs in March and April of 2008, which were very well received. Mudslide has a strong fan following around the Showbox and The Central Saloon in their hometown of Seattle. Kevin and Steven met at the Blue Moon open mic in Seattle during 2005. They quickly became friends and started playing together. After releasing their EP "Radioactive," Mudslide played several gigs at Studio 7, the Showbox, and the Central Saloon, and are now planning on releasing a full-length album "Secret Right to Rock and Roll Reloaded," along with "Ebony Dragonfly of Passion", both slated for release this summer or early fall. Our influences are Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Black Sabbath, Warrant, Warlock, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Testament, and Sacred Steel. We play original music that holds great appeal to a wide variety of age groups and this fact among others is what makes Mudslide a great band. We are a refreshing change from the greasy, stale, cliched radio bands of today, in that we play metal as it should be played, without the phony flash, pomp, and greasy guitars that makes many other bands fail.


E Echo Lead

Written By: Mudslide

Looking out today, I can see the sky forever more, change will come tomorrow, I can feel it waiting at the door...


Radioactive, Secret Right to Rock and Roll Reloaded, Ebony Dragonfly of Passion, Mudslide, Apollo, City of Gold and Lead, Secret Right to Rock and Roll, Magenta 1, Magenta 2, Fuschia 1, Fuschia 2, Long Lost Friend, Just as Strong, Four Anvils, Candy Stripper, Lune, Keep Bareskin Beauties and Crystal Cords, Mudslide Live, and the up and coming Enchantment, where Steve, George and Kevin are gonna go into the Avast Studio in Seattle and fire up the expensive gear for a super up-to-date high tech rock blitz and heavy metal explosion that will be unlike any album made in 2007. Also, look forward to being able to purcahse these titles on, get out your credit cards, kids, because these might be limited edition promotional copy only, fanclub pressing Merkava CDs, because of the nature of the cover songs that are spilled in and out of the original songwriting of Steve Koenigsberg, we may be only able to sell you these limited copies of "Political Science," "Atomic," "Merkava early recordings". Currently on, there are only 3 Mudslide titles, but if you wanna contact Kevin or Steve at or, then we can arrange these fan club pressing sales, but if you wanna buy direct then go to either, punch in your credit card number and either "Mudslide," "Apollo," or "City of Gold and Lead," including a four-picture color cover with lyrics and a picture disc. All three of these have been super-mastered by the pros and are professional quality albums ready for fm radio airplay, or car-deck CD player, car stereo play or compatible with any home CD stereo or loud PA music system, all are great for hard rock or heavy metal parties. Some say that the future holds for Mudslide that they could possibly return to what used to be Deep Purple's achievement as the loudest rock and roll band, only with brand new songs. You could say smoke on the Mudslide! The ltest and the greatest starting at 10/1/2007 is gonna be three new albums from Mudslide titled 'Secret Right to Rock and Roll', 'Four Anvils' and 'Enchantment' (which Mudslide just recorded on 9/27-9/28 of 2007 and is due to be released in 6/1/2008.)

Set List

Our set list is as follows. Set is usually anywhere from 1 hour to 1 and a half hours long. These songs are always played in the set, their order can only vary slightly. We typically do not like to do covers.

1. It's Out of Control
2. Four Anvils
3. Separate
4. Don't Hold Back
5. No Promises
6. Cradle
7. Defeated Warrior
8. Armageddon from the East
9. Devil's Daughter
10. Turning me On
11. Hot Touch
12. E Echo Lead
13. Best She Can
14. Fly to the Sun
15. It's Love Again
16. Tomorrow's Future