Mudsplash Bullfrog

Mudsplash Bullfrog


Mudsplash Bullfrog's music is just that...a mix of alot of influences from bluegrass to metal and everything in between...It's Mudsplash Bullfrog!


Mudsplash Bullfrog came together in 1996 as a "studio project" and slowly morphed into something BIG. Influenced from bluegrass to metal & all in between. There are 2 cd's in current circulation and recording a third. MSBF strives to put on the best show everytime we hit the stage. MSBF wants the world to become the United Nations of Bullfrog...


The first cd is 1998's self-titled "Mudsplash Bullfrog". The second is 2001's "Flavors". A third is in the beginning steps of recording. There are numerous singles played on local radio with a large fan base.

Set List

There are two MSBF sets: The first is the original set with an average of 10 songs. The second is the cover set with numerous covers that vary from classic, dance and modern rock.