Mue Sephei

Mue Sephei


Alternative indie rock. We have a female singer only influenced by male singers.


Mue Sephei is a red supergiant star in the constellation of Cepheus. It is the largest and most luminous star known in the Milky Way. No, wait, Mue Sephei is our band composed by 2 sisters from Switzerland and 2 Michigan gentlemen.
Together my sister and I decided to go on an adventure across the sea. On our trip, we found a missing piece to finally be able to build our time machine, then the engine. After few months of hard labor we got to a point where we could show our new born. We named it music… It is also known as a cure to ease your hearts and please your ears.

Together we could travel, dream, share tears, smile and hopefully… we’ll be friends!


-until it feels done

Set List

No covers.
We can easily have a 2hoo set.
-Broken pieces of the whole
-Fix it
-This should be a lullaby
-The Keeper
-Untitled #69
-My name is nobody
-Until it feels done