We are a male/female duo that plays "thick as a brick" uber- heavy rock `n roll metal with an indie sensibility. We are dangerously accessible.


MUFFLER CRUNCH is a male/female heavy rock duo based out of Hull, Québec, Canada. For over 10 years, its members have used nothing but an acoustic guitar, a drum set and powerful vocals to captivate audiences both large and small.

"Dynamic and lumbering, oddball yet catchy, this female singer/drummer and distorted acoustic guitar duo are like smashing an apple and orange together and demanding it be dubbed a new fruit". - (Keith Carman, EXCLAIM!)

"Ottawa’s Best punk/metal/hard rock band" - (Ottawa XPress, Best of Ottawa - 2008 reader's poll)
MUFFLER CRUNCH has been working harder than ever.

"Getting serious...and fast!" quickly became the duo's maxim, as they began to realize just how fiercely competitive the music industry is and how complacency within a band can lead to some very shocking disappointment. Staying in motion became key.

Recognizing the importance of branding their image and presentation, the duo employed professional web designer Drew Allgower in early 2010 to contour and develop a new interactive website for the band, WWW.MUFFLERCRUNCH.COM.

New Year's day 2011 marked the YouTube release of their first professionally directed and produced music video for the song "Wagon's Ho!" - the premiere track from MUFFLER CRUNCH's blistering 2008 album, 'Arc Welder'. The video's popularity shot up at an astonishing rate, garnering over
1 000 hits after only two weeks posted. Growing interest in the 'Wagon's Ho!' video and in the mystique of MUFFLER CRUNCH itself meant a subsequent live television performance on Ottawa's "A Morning" Show as well as an in-depth, documentary style interview, chronicling the making of 'Wagon's Ho!' with Greg Toope of "I'm With The Band" TV.

Before this, the band storyboarded, filmed, financed and edited countless independent video releases, including 2010's 'Snowing Inside' . Working alongside professional audio and video engineer, Ken Tierney (Turn To Salt Productions, Ottawa) MUFFLER CRUNCH is currently preparing a video submission package for the aforementioned Wagon's Ho! video for airplay on MuchMusic's LOUD video program.

At present, the band is in studio recording their third record, tentatively entitled "Little Things" for 2011 summer release. This particular record will be the most serious and dynamic yet for the duo, as distinguished, invited guests, First Nations Pimadiziwin singers loaned original vocal tracks to the album's opus, "Inner Strength".

At the centre, the duo consists of two members - Angie "The Barbarian" Neatby on drums and lead vocals, and Luc Lavigne on guitar and secondary vocals. Both members are vehemently dedicated to one another's success and even more dedicated to turning MUFFLER CRUNCH into a recognized brand and an entity unto itself.

"...and I know that it's comin', see the ripple in my tea - and you know that the only thing, that you can do, when it have faith in me!" ~ (MUFFLER CRUNCH, excerpt from 'Have Faith In Me', 2011, Little Things)

MUFFLER CRUNCH continues to perform live and promote aggressively on a regular basis, supporting their previous full-length record and plans to tour extensively to support their third, new full-length album this year.

"All said, Muffler Crunch is hands-down the best live band in Ottawa right now, and I’m not just saying that because I want to have their babies." -- (Greg Harris, Ottawa Tonight).


Little Things

Written By: A. Barbarian/Luc Lavigne

The Heron fishes by the construction site,

The gap between his teeth when he smiles.

Your leather gloves how they move in the chandelier light -

The pumpkin crust between an old stove's dials.

~Little Things, 2012


"Ol' Sparky's Revenge" - 2006

"Arc Welder" - 2008

"Little Things" - 2012

Set List

(The Day After) The Farmer Died

The Call

Have Faith In Me


Little Things

Sweet Lil' Chickadee