Mug and the Morads

Mug and the Morads



Jeff Muglia and Al Morad have been playing together for 30 years, have made many recordings and played most clubs in Metro Detroit.
Matt Morad is Al's nephew and had been playing guitar for 15 years, he is a standout guitarist that gets his influences from classic rock and blues

Jason Morad is the youngest and Al's Son, Jason is a natural talent and learns very quickly.

Craig Stroup is an experienced vocalist and his influences are from Classic Rock and blues.


In the USA and Watch you walk were singles released in 1981 written by Al Morad.

Set List

50+ songs
1. After Midnight, Clapton
2. Cocaine (Live version), Clapton
3. Crazy Dream, Los Lonely Boys
4. Crossroads/Slow and fast versions, Clapton
5. Heaven, Los Lonely Boys
6. Little Sister, Elvis
7. Long Cool Woman, Hollies
8. Mary had a little lamb, SRV
9. Mustang Sally, Commitments
10. Pride And Joy, SRV
11. Sharp Dressed Man, ZZ Top
12. Sunshine of your love (live version), Cream
13. Sweet Home Alabama, Skynard
14. Turn The Page, Metallica
15. Wonderful Tonight, Clapton
16. Rock And Roll, Led Zeppelin
17. Be My lover, Alice Cooper
18. Teaser, Mug/Morad
19. USA, Mug/Morad
20. Boys of Summer, Ataris cover
21. Pretty Woman, VH cover
22. Crazy Train, Ozzy
23. Keep your hands to yourself, G. Satellites
24. Brand New Cadillac, Clash
25. Gimme three steps, Skynard
26. The Middle, Jimmy Eat World
27. Should I Stay, Clash
28. Wild Nights, Van Morrison
29. Sedated, Ramones
30. Do Ya Wanna Dance, Ramones
31. Secret Agent Man, Chuck Berry
32. Saw Her Standin