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MUGEN! The Human

Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Hip Hop Lo-fi





Emerging artist MUGEN! The Human is making his Elevator debut with a dreamy new single, “Nami!”. The breezy and decidedly upbeat offering also features KotyKillem on the energetic new release. Throughout the track, MUGEN and Koty both lament their 21st-century struggles like their social media obsessed partners and clout demons looking for some buzz. The track switches tempo about two-thirds of the way through in favor of a more slowed and slurred sound, the result is an intriguing ending to the otherwise upbeat record. Keep an eye out for these two in the future. - Elevator Magazine

"MUGEN! The Human is making his TGF debut with his new 3-track EP titled " Some Songs ""

Today we have an artist that goes by the moniker of MUGEN! The Human (shoutout Samaurai Champloo) making his The Ghetto Flower debut with his brand new EP titled “Some Songs”. I got word about Mugen through just browsing through social media and began to check into some of his previously released music, I made sure to really pay attention to his latest tracks, which he then decided to package as an EP and drop on all streaming platforms for the listeners. He provided 3 hard hitting tracks, my favorite being The One (prod. By Getzh) , he switched it up a bit on this one providing a slower tempo with an introspective vibe.

I am not too familiar with underground artists coming out of the DMV, but MUGEN! is looking to be one of the new leaders of his community and the Chicago scene in the near future, keep an eye out for him and press play above! - The Ghetto Flower

"MUGEN! The Human and WhoIsAubry Craft a Dreamy New Single in "Not Nice""

MUGEN! The Human and WhoIsAubry are back with a new single called Not Nice, which is a dreamy, poetic ode to everlasting love.

With its dancing guitar lines and rhythmic, off-kilter percussion, the instrumental on Not Nice is lively and ethereal. There is an oasis created in the aesthetic in this song that is warm and feels like summer. Topically, it serves as the perfect compliment to Mugen and Aubry's bars.

WhoIsAubry comes through sounding poetic as always, even referencing Poetic Justice by Kendrick Lamar at the back end point of his verse. His bars are playful, creative and full of color. Mugen matches Aubry's energy with what I believe is his best verse to date. His bars are a hilarious mixture of sarcasm and self-deprecation. He is showing more emotional depth than ever, and his pen game shines here as a result.

Not Nice is a lighthearted, feel-good jam that is a call back to summer. Though cuffing season has arrived, this song will make you clamor for walks in the sand and cuddles on the beach. The unforgiving Chicago winter is still standing in the way of that, but hold that special someone close and don't fret -- warmer weather will be here soon enough. - Chicago Now

"Red Bull's '30 Days In Chicago' Attendees Explain Why They're Thankful For Music"

“I’m not good at much else music is the only thing that I’m good at,” Armond Rome shared. The arts student goes by the rap moniker MUGEN! The Human. After packing his bags from Maryland’s PG County, the musician headed to Columbia College to further his music career on all fronts.

“Music has always been that one thing that’s always been my backbone.” - Vibe Magazine

"mohit, Mugen! The Human and Cldwaterr Come Together for a Family Affair on "Feel Alright""

mohit, Mugen! The Human and Cldwaterr all have made recent appearances here on City of Wind. All three of them are back once again, as they've combined for a family affair on their jazzy, auto-tune drenched new single, Feel Alright.

Cldwaterr handles the production on this joint, and he comes correct. The slow-cooking synths provide a smooth background that is stretched out further by the legato bass. The trap percussion is snappy, and the cymbal hits add a nice touch of variety. Aesthetically, the instrumental is jazzy and quite soothing.

mohit and Mugen play the role of emotive auto-crooners here. The auto-tune heightens the feeling in their vocals, and both of them ooze of passion. mohit comes through with some sly wordplay with a clever John Coltrane reference while Mugen weaves together a tale of self-deprecation that he has become so well known for.

Musically, family affairs can be hit or miss. For every fun, engaging adventure that is Revenge Of The Dreamers lll, there is a redundant, mundane misfire such as Escape From New York. In this case, Feel Alright leans much more towards the former than the latter. With how well mohit, Mugen! and Cldwaterr all play their roles, and the undeniable chemistry that is formed as a result, Feel Alright makes for a fun, aesthetically pleasing listen. - Chicago Now


Some Songs - EP (2019)

Before You Go - EP (2018)

Mugen! the Human - EP (2017)



Although raised in Prince George's County, Maryland; MUGEN! The Human is a iOS and Bedroom artist based out of Chicago. Utilizing several different apps including GarageBand, the vast majority of his music has been created on his iPhone, setting him apart from most of his contemporaries.  Well-known for his lo-fi sound, MUGEN! isn’t hesitant to trying different styles. His inspirations and sound can be compared to Tyler the Creator, Steve Lacy, Frank Ocean, XXXTentacion, Drake, and more. A musician most of his life, he started playing guitar at the age of six and has dedicated his life to music ever since. With hip hop and rap being a newer venture for him, beginning in the late summer of 2016, his musicality is evident in everything he creates; making him more than just a rapper or producer, but a full-blown musician. 

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