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"...Sun, Broken... is by far and away one of the best examples of psychedelic rock to pass my way recently."

I am a sucker for loud, heavy and white hot rock bands and Mugstar hit home on all three scores. From the opening track to the tinnitus after the CD has stopped playing, I am enthralled by their latest album. Mugstar tear the arse out of my stereo with their pounding performance, every piece on this, their second proper full length, is a mini-masterpiece.
"Technical Knowledge as a Weapon” is one hell of an opener; the combined organ and guitar blitzkrieg has all the power of their former labelmates A Place to Bury Strangers but is less late '80s/early '90s shoegaze and more like a long lost kraut band soundtracking a supernova. What impresses me most is that this is only the opening barrage in a sustained war on quiet as ...Sun, Broken... goes up several gears as it progresses. The sinewy tremolo guitar of “Ouroboros” snakes its way around Steve Ashton’s drums, creating a backbone of iron for the piece. The final section of the piece spirals outwards dangerously and the resulting crash is glorious in its noisy, fiery cataclysm.

After a short, relaxed interlude the opening riff of “Today is the Wrong Shape” launches from the stereo like a missile. Channelling the driving force of Neu! through Joy Division’s “No Love Lost,” this is the sort of music that I imagine would pour from my fingers if only I had the talent. Thank Mugstar for making it a reality. As the feedback builds and drums pound incessantly, the piece climaxes with some awesome shouted vocals which give the music all the urgency of a ticking time bomb. The album closes with the epic “Furklausundbo” which again appropriates the motorik beat of Klaus Dinger but supplements it with the kind of organ playing I would expect to hear if I was to reach heaven on a sunny day. When the guitars take over, I do not have to imagine this heaven as it is here and it sounds even better than I imagined.

How these guys have remained under the radar for so long has always baffled me but I would be surprised if this disc did not see them gain the sort of momentum they deserve. ...Sun, Broken... is by far and away one of the best examples of psychedelic rock to pass my way recently. - Brainwashed

"Sun, Broken"

I don’t know about you but I’m in the mood for some Space Rock. And you’d be hard pressed to find any better proponents out there than Mugstar and their tremendous …Sun, Broken…

Opener ‘Technical Knowledge As A Weapon’ presents a mauling riff with an equally battering Jon Lord-esque Hammond Organ. ‘Ouroborus’ is part assault and part moody meditation, ending with a spectacular feedback finale that could easily equate to the sound of serpentine self-immolation. Last track ‘Furklausundbo’ jams out for a wonderfully broody, dramatic and hypnotically funky thirteen and a half minutes or so.

Yet, sandwiched between the unnerving harmonics of ‘Labrador Hatchet’ and the womb-like pulse of ‘She Ran Away With My Medicine’, it’s the throbbing and skilfully shifting wig-out of ‘Today Is The Wrong Shape’ that really hits the spot. After a few listens you realise the sentiment of the title is strikingly appropriate most (if not all) of the time and that howling along is strangely curative.

The Mr Cope of Wessex described this lot as managing “to distil/streamline all the best late Lemmy-period Hawkwind into a tougher and more speedfreaked out version of top flight La Dusseldorf”. Such a review is obviously more eloquent and accurate than this one, but should, if nothing else, have you purchasing …Sun, Broken… immediately – from here. - Both Bars On


Spotlight Over Memphis 7” Critical Mass Records (10/03)
Flavin’ Hotrod 7”Critical Mass Records (05/04)
Peel Session BBC Radio 1 (10/04)
Split 7” w. Hunting Lodge Farm Girl Records (11/04)
Dark Matter Mini Album Kabukikore Records (03/05)
One Music Session BBC Radio 1 (08/05)
Trail Singles Comp. Critical Mass Records (10/05)
My Baby Skull Has Not Yet Flowered 7” Lancashire & Somerset Records (01/06)
Mugstar Album CD- Sea Records / Vinyl-Critical Mass Records (11/06)
Bethany Heart Star 7” Trensmat Records (01/07)
Born To Go 7" Split with Mudhoney Trensmat Records (11/08)
Tam Lin 10" Split with Redpanda Lancashire & Somerset Records (12/08)
Technical Knowledge As A Weapon 7" Trensmat Records (08/09)
...Sun, Broken... CD Important Records (03/10)



Mugstar formed in Liverpool in 2003 with all members knowing each other from other bands. They got together over the love of Sonic Youth, Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, Black Sabbath, Onieda, Kraftwerk and not wanting to sound like any other band. Mugstar do not sound like any other band, from the song structures to the song lengths and feel, they have developed a sound all of their own.
Mugstar set about recording their first single Spotlight Over Memphis in 2003 which drew attention from John Peel, who played the 7" a number of times. It was after the next 7" 'Flavin' Hotrod' that John Peel offered the band a Peel Session. A split 7" with Hunting Lodge followed. Although the first three 7"s are more noisy garage rock than the music them became know for, they certainty layed the foundations for the sound they would later produce. A mini album on Kabukikore Records 'Dark Matter' come next which was closely followed by a session for BBC Radio One's Huw Stephens. January 2006 saw the release of "My Baby Skull Has Not Yet Flowered" hailed in some quarters as psych classic and featured in magazines as diverse as Mix Mag, The Wire, Kerrang and The Times.
The debut album 'Mugstar' was released at the end of 2006 on Sea Records on CD and on Critical MASS Records on a limited run of heavy weight vinyl in 2007. The album gained the band fans across the world especially in America were the vinyl version was changing hands for almost $100. Mugstar then started a productive relationship with Ireland based Trensmat Records with run of limited 7" singles from 'Bethany Heart Star' to 'Today is the Wrong Shape'. One of these releases was a split 7" with Seattle's finest Mudhoney, with both bands doing covers of Hawkwind songs. During this time Red Panda and Mugstar featured on a one sided 10" single with half of the song made famous by Fairport Convention 'Tamlin' each.
Mugstar signed to Important Records, who released "...Sun, Broken..." in March 2010. Currently the band are working on a film and have also been commissioned to write a soundtrack for a movie.