Mugwump is simply an 11+ piece Dance-Party Induction Machine, engineered with only one purpose in mind: to shake Booties of every shape and size with its unrelenting Funk.


Mugwump was born in 2002, in a dirty basement in Queens, NY. A couple of young musicians co-discovered the Funk, and thusly realized their destiny: to move people, spiritually and physically, by means of a unique and evolving blend of old-school Funk and new-school Urban aesthetics.

Right from the start, Mugwump's influences were as broad as the musical experiences of its members. That is, everything from James Brown to P-Funk, Tchaikovsky to Miles Davis, Soulive to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.. As the years passed, the band and the music evolved, increasingly incorporating Hip-Hop, Gospel, and Electronic/Indie Rock influences into the sound. The mission has remained unchanged - to throw the ultimate dance party (without sacrificing meaning). But the instrumentation has come to include synthesizers, MC's, lead and backup singers, and a bigger, badder horn section.

Starting with a blowout at the Lion's Den in Sept.2007, MW has consistently packed whatever venue it's Funked up: Knitting Factory, RBar, and most recently, a wildly successful headlining set at Crash Mansion, where over 200 fans lost - and thus found - their cool on the dance floor.


Mugwump self-released a 6-song, self-titled EP in 2003. Recorded and mixed by Mark Ambrosino, this album has received airplay at college radio stations around the country.

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Set List

Mugwump can play anywhere from 1 to 3 sets, typically playing one 90 minute set at its concerts. Usually the band plays 80% originals, though a large repertoire of covers makes them quite versatile. Mugwump is constantly adding new material, as each concert usually features at least 2-3 new tunes.

Mugwump Original Material:
-On The Floor
-Blow My Top
-Hit Me Fred
-Hip Hop Vehicle
-Neon Nightingale
-Your Game
-Take Me Home
-It's Gone
-The World As Seen From Outer Space
-The River
-Funk Matters
-We Need The Funk
-Funk In The Trunk
-Rock Hoppin'
-Destination: Funk Nation

Mugwump Covers:
Paper Planes - M.I.A
Magdalena - Sergio Mendes
Fever - Peggy Lee
Superstition - Stevie Wonder
Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
Signed, Sealed, Delivered - Stevie Wonder
Rock Steady - Aretha Franklin
Doo Wop (That Thing) - Lauryn Hill
Pass The Peas - The JB's
Gimme Some More - The JB's
I Wish - Stevie Wonder