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MUHAMMAD 2G is a Certified Platinum Producer/ Artist and Songwriter with 20 years in the music business. His music is a collaboration of Conscious Hip Hop mixed with R&B and Soul. His production work has been graced by artists from Arista, Perspective, Death Row, Rap-A-Lot Records and more...


MUHAMMAD 2G is a Conscious Hip Hop Songmaker! In every song there is the message of Freedom, Justice and Equality for all oppressed. Sometimes his controversial themes ward off the mainstream but nevertheless has given him respect among new listeners and his peers. His influences include Curtis Mayfield, Bob Marley, Ice Cube, Public Enemy, N.W.A and Tupac. His musical influences include Dr. Dre, Parliament, Funkadelic, Sade, Rick James, Micheal Jackson and more.. What sets MUHAMMAD 2G apart from other bands is his humility offstage and his explosive charisma onstage. His songs are classic soundtracks to life and it's ups and downs.
MUHAMMAD is from Beaumont a small town about 80 miles from Houston, Texas. He moved to Houston at age 11 and began his professional musical career 3 years later. While in high school, he completed a 12" single and album along with a group of his peers called Coppertone Conspiracy. After focusing in on his production skills he began traveling and producing songs with amateur artists to build a catalog and now boasts a 20 year catalog of Hip Hop and R&B music. Despite the past 2 decades MUHAMMAD feels this part of his career is just the beginning. "I have been blessed to see and experience every decade of hip hop as well as it's predecessors. Now I believe it's time to shine MY LIGHT!" MUHAMMAD has currently released his debut album "Let Me Introduce Myself" and is working on his follow up "Amerikkkan Pimp".


Don't U Go Nowhere

Written By: MUHAMMAD 2G

Don't U Go Nowhere, without me, forever (The Beatz are forever)

U Can't Go Nowhere, and we won't be, together (The Beatz are forever)


Whitney Houston- "Just Whitney" Album- 2002
"Don't U Go Nowhere"
MUHAMMAD 2G- "Don't U Go Nowhere" Album- 2002
Currently MUHAMMAD 2G has a streaming single called "ON FIRE!"

Set List

SONGS: Don't U Go Nowhere, On FIRE!, Can U Feel Me Now?, U Ain't Ready, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Elevate, Dedicated, We Gon' Cut Up
SETS: Sets are tailored upon event structure unless headlining. HEADLINING: 1 Hour Show, SHORT: 30 Min. Show, PROMO: 10 Min. Show