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"Mujabica rocks local bars and clubs"

February 28, 2007

By Christopher Chiodo
Managing Editor

Pronounced Moo-jab-ih-cuh, Mujabica is a unique local band that I had the opportunity to meet and interview. About three weeks ago I attended the popular bar and night club, Bullwinkle's, to get away from the pressures of school and work.
Tha band was already playing when I arrived so I found myself a good spot by the bar to stand and listen to the music.
Jay Ziegler (lead guitarist), Mike Flatau (bass guitarist), Bill Hanson (drummer), and their singer stage named C. Bastian, four young, aspiring music talents held center stage. They began to play the popular tune by the Police, "Roxanne," which instantly caught my ear.
"It was at the Warehouse," Ziegler explained to me, "We all met for the first time on stage." Since then they have been performing locally and have their first scheduled tour dates in early March 2007.
Since then, Mujabica has performed at other venues like Big Daddy's, the Beta Bar, and Sports Deli. They also have performed at private gigs as well as the radio.
They can be heard on Gulf 104.1, X 101.5, FSU radio V 89, and Panama City station 97X.
Their musical inspirations come from a wide range of artists and styles. "I like great song writers and guitarists who love to play" Ziegler said, "Jimmy Paige and George Harrison are two of my favorites."
Hanson said "My top three favorites are Incubus, Rage Against the Machine, and the Police. Stewart Copeland is a crazy drummer."
C. Bastian explained, "If we are talking about girl singers then I like the artists such as Tori Amos and Janis Joplin."
"We have nine songs professionally recorded so far, but we also have lots of other material" Flatau said. "We are working on completing our fist album."
At their shows, they perform cover songs as well as their own material which makes their shows fun and enjoyable. Their music is for people of all ages.
They have plenty of upcoming performances locally and on tour.
Their first tour begins during the first week of March and they will be traveling around Florida and South Georgia performing nine shows in nine days.
You can find more information about Mujabica on the Web site or on their myspace page - TCC News

"Making music is as natural as breathing for Mujabica"

April 25, 2008

By Mary Leslie


Local soul-rock quartet Mujabica (bassist Mike Flatau, guitarist Marc Magellan, drummer Andrew Davidson and vocalist CBastian) came together in the summer of 2006 when lead singer CBastian sought out a guitarist to record "Cabaret Jax" for her father, who was being deployed to Iraq.

CBastian emerged from the studio inspired to form a band with that original guitarist. In less than a month, the group multiplied from two to four, found a name and started writing music that, in their words, "came as easily as breathing."

Over the past two years, Mujabica has lost members, added members and played all over town in both small and large venues, showcases and competitions.

Band members found their newest guitarist, Magellan, online through the Mujabica MySpace page (, where it was advertising for a new string-bender. Magellan's bluesy sound accentuated the already funky Mujabica style, prompting a "songwriting extravaganza."

Hear a sample of the band's tunes online at or see Mujabica live May 17 at Floyd's Music Store, 666-1 W. Tennessee St. with V.O.P., Middle Ground and Subverting Order when intheclear arrives for its "Sexy Time" tour.

The cost will be $6 for ages 21+ and $8 for ages 21-. Visit to get your ticket for $3. Call 222-3506 or visit for more.

If you could open for any band, which one would it be?

Mike Flatau: Either Incubus or the Derek Trucks Band.

Andrew Davidson: The Allman Brothers.

Marc Magellan: The Rolling Stones.

What's in your toolbox?

CB: Earplugs and hot tea.

MF: Fender Jaguar bass, Fender head and Fender cabinet. I'm a Fender kinda guy.

AD: Mapex drum kit, Zildjian cymbals.

MM : Strings, wire cutters, a pitch pipe, guitar picks, inspiration and dandelions.

Where was your first gig?

MF: Mujabica's first gig was at The Warehouse for open-mike night. Our first "real" gig was at Big Daddy's.

CB: Suntree Elementary School. I was Cinderella.

MM: As a member of Mujabica, Dance Marathon 2008. As a guitar player, a lesbian Thanksgiving Day party when I was 14.

Whom do you consider to be your musical inspiration(s)?

CB: The music in the air.

AD: Carter Beauford (from the Dave Matthews Band) is my favorite drummer. Sister Hazel, The Eagles, James Taylor, Jack Johnson are the favorites to drive to.

MF: The usual (for a bassist) - Victor Wooten, Les Claypool, Flea - but more importantly - the guy that plays the intro for "Seinfeld," even though I learned it was actually played on the keyboard. Stupid synthesizers.

MM: Britney Spears, Hillary Duff, Brahms, Yani and dandelions.

Someone appears out of nowhere with a time-traveling phone booth. You can go anywhere in the past. To when would you go?

CB: I'd go back through all the religious stories to see if they really happened.

AD: Rome during the Republic. I would catch some gladiatorial games and sit in on the Senate meetings to hear the intellectuals argue.

MM: 1982. I would force my mother to invest in Microsoft.

- Tallahassee Democrat, Limelight


The Time is Now!
Poor Man's Demo



Mujabica combines classic rock and blues influenced riffs with smoking hot female vocals and a wildly energetic performance that keeps the crowd moving. Drawing from their influences in rock, jazz, blues,and funk, Mujabica creates a very unique yet familar sound.

Tallahassee based band Mujabica began in the hot summer of 2006 when two people came together to record one song for a man who might not survive the year. From that one song and one night, a guitarist and a singer knew they really had something. In less than a month, the group multiplied from two to four, found a name, and started writing music that came as easily as breathing. Over the past two years, Mujabica has changed and grown, but the motivation behind the music stays the same.
It lives on with the same tenacious spirit: Formed with the understanding that music is in every soul and movement of the universe, sprung from the need to bring it to life despite all odds and rationale, and born of a vibration only those who can feel it would understand... Mujabica is here to play.