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Muja Messiah

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The Minneapolis –based MC known for his politically incorrect satire. Combining serious comedy and street anthems to create a ‘thinking man’s’ hip-hop. A dynamic performer, Muja Messiah has shared stages KRS,Common,Rakim,GrandMaster Flash,50Cent,The Roots & Ghostface.


Black Corners Profile: Muja Messiah

Since his early years, Muja Messiah [b. Robert Hedges Jr.] has had a way with words. Growing up in Minneapolis with parents of different races, Muja has interesting takes on black and white culture. Fascinated with rap as child, Muja knew that one day he would make his love for hip-hop his only job. He is influenced by Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, Souls of Mischief and N.W.A. as well as new school MC's Wu-Tang, Tupac and Mobb Deep. As a kid the sounds of Rakim's "My Melody" made its impact on the future MC. Later he would see his first heavyweight show, Gangstarr, DJ Quik and EPMD . Muja started establishing himself by battling many local MC's. In early 1999, he joined Raw Villa. Raw Villa's debut "Rebellion" ( BlackCorners ) showed the group's hardknock , take no prisoners style. "An uncompromising , impressive debut " says Jim Walsh (St. Paul Pioneer Press). Earning a top ten spot on City Pages Picked To Click Poll Peter Scholtes described them as "thoroughly negative, deeply offensive and remarkably catchy".

Rocking the mic on stage is where Muja shines most. Performing with Raw Villa, Muja has shared stages with such luminaries as DMX , Rakim , Method Man & Redman, Common, Ghostface Killah and Dead Prez . As a solo artist Muja has opened shows by GrandMaster Flash, 50 Cent, KRS-ONe,Cappadonna , Beatnuts and Ghostface & Raewkon . After a two-year stint with Raw Villa, Muja now strikes out as a solo artist with the release of Wutz Going Down?!! ep [BlackCorners]. The ep opens with the thunderous "Wutz Going Down?!!" , and Muja 's vivid storytelling is on display along with dancehall chants by Sonny Black, where Muja brags he's the "Unusual Mario Puzo / crime saga author" . On "Divine Intervention" , produced by Detekh , Muja ponders the struggles of everyday life, joined by Villa member Shionaes . "The earths an aquarium/my man witnessed the birth of his daughter through a cesarean." It also features the introspective narrative "For The Babies" featuring TR, produced by Ant (Atmosphere/ Musab ). The unlisted bonus track, "Hos in the House", is a hilarious chickenhead parody featuring Canadian Mc Shy Luv, produced by Doc (Esthero /Res). Muja Messiah also appears on the City Pages compilation Twin Town High Vol 4., with the original version of "For The Babies". Muja Messiah has been featured in City Pages, Star Tribune, Pulse, St.Paul Pioneer Press, Blaze, and The Source. In May 2001, Muja 's " Wutz Going Down?!!", was featured on Napster 's discover new artist feature. Muja 's passion is hip-hop. for his city to get the recognition it deserves. Muja's voice, delivery and imagination help him shape the many ideas that rumble in his head. Whether he's tackling wak MC's, racial inequality, babymomma drama, or the politics of the street game, Muja Messiah is here and intends to be in your face.


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