An excting band from Seattle, WA. Started in 2006 and comparable to early Rolling Stones, Doors and the Pixies, MULALLY is known for emotional chord progressions, piano and trumpet driven melodies and introspective lyrics. The six-piece band is currently working on their fourth album.


"A set of stoned proportions" -The Blue Moon, Seattle

"Piano-heavy folk-pop, dusty drum marches and haunting vocals build a lush sound, and lyrics are both sharp and sad at once. I listened to their tune “Downtown” on repeat today, and tried not to infuriate co-workers with my urge to stomp along." -MetroMix, Los Angeles

MULALLY (Moo-la-lee) is a six-person experimental rock band from SEATTLE that has played 60 shows in the last 1.5 yrs. Their influences include early songs of the Rolling Stones, The Doors, The Pixies, The Yardbirds, Bach, Blonde Redhead, Danger Mouse and Phillip Glass.


In April 2006 a ragtangle of 15 musicians, DJ's and producers created "MULALLY: THE THIRST FOR POWER." The live band formed AUGUST 2006 when two musicians on acoustic guitars and a loop station developed vocal harmonies in a Seattle upstairs room. A six person band was formed and a month later MULALLY released their second CD, "ADJUST YOUR SOUL" ( SEPT. 14, 2006). They released their new single on April 28, 2007. And will release a new album on or around June, 2008.


The Thirst for Power: April 2006
Adjust Your Soul: Sept. 2006
Tomorrow EP: April 2007
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Set List

We typically play 30 minute sets in bars or colleges, but can play up to 1 hour. All songs are original.
Typical set list:

Johnny Malone
Quick Day
All I want to Say
Don't Love
True Love