Mulder are an audiovisual Electronic/Pop duo from the hills of Perth. Loud synths, deep bass, drum machines and found sounds are triggered from magic MIDI buttons. Their always honest, sometimes brutal songwriting and lyrics complement their busy and chaotic stage presence.


Mulder is comprised of Alex Elbery and Owen Wynn Rees, who started writing music together in early 2011. Songwriting and production came naturally together, taking elements of many genres from Drum n Bass & Electro to New Wave and Pop music, also drawing from their common obsession with sci-fi and horror, especially The X-files, from which their name comes. Watching horror films in the early hours inspired their heavy use of samples and and their live projected images.

Always eager to perform, Mulder honed a live set and began playing in their hometown, Perth. Playing micro festivals and headlining shows at venues including The Bird and Mojo's they cut their teeth and perfected their sound. Having built a loyal Perth fan base, Mulder released "Young," their first EP in August 2012 to encouraging reviews.

Mulder create a vibrant live atmosphere always wearing their ritual orange fox hoods and makeup. Alex runs through the crowd handing out and lighting sparklers. Their explosive energy makes Mulder so fascinating they're hard to stop watching. Always compelling, even if it's at times difficult or uncomfortable, they want you to believe.



Written By: Owen Wynn Rees and Alex Elbery

a tennis ball and a skipping rope
bouncing in my brain's broken metronome
funny how the lines we drew on the ground would always change

well i'm the dunce and i'm waiting in hope
for the king to fuck up so i can steal his throne
competition is a cruel joke, things will always be the same

some people are just better at 4square than others
and it's not the most fortunate talent to discover

i tried to write you but my pencil broke
i called your name but it got stuck in my throat
my eyes are wide awake, but sleep's on my brain

but since the last time i pissed in my bed
i find it hard to rest my weary head
i shouldn't of drank too much, i should've kept to myself
now i hide my face in shame

some people are just better at living than others
what an unfortunate thing to discover

my sandwich got squished in my bag again
i've got no chocolate to trade so i ain't got any friends
the world is full of cunts, it's a dark place

i'm not funny but i still laugh at my jokes
i fucked her up but she's starting to cope
but hey the world is full of cunts, yeah it's a dark place

some people are just better at living than others
what an unfortunate thing to discover


Written By: Owen Wynn Rees and Alex Elbery

There's a little birdy that I know well
He's been whispering in my ear
He tells me I've been living in a cast iron cell
I guess he knows just what I want to hear
So I'll pretend that I know you well
If you pretend that you're good for me
Sometimes this seesaw it'll sway real high
But it'll balance out eventually

Now her mother's by the TV hands on her telephone quivering with fear
Acceptance didn't come so easily when her daughter found a way to disappear.

But if you could teach me the difference between blood and water I'd be so lucky and I could be so free

Lovers come and lovers go
Fuck you fast and hurt you slow
You're born you're blind and then you die
But it's nice to think you're in control
At the end of our paper cup
You told me I am not your heart or soul
You smoked the grow room where my seeds were sewn
And now the bulbs have died the room's grown cold

Her father spent his life savings on a pacemaker machine
And then just before he died he said this life is still a mystery to me

But if you could teach me the difference between blood and water I'd be so lucky and i could be so free

young blood


Young EP (2012)

4square SINGLE digital relase (2012)