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"Mulder - Young"

Mulder are self-proclaimed "Extra-terrestrial electro/pop troubadours," incase their name didn't give it away, and the duo has created an atmospheric release that takes you on a pretty epic journey. While the beats and sounds are moving, the lyrics and the vocal delivery depict the raw emotion under the vocalist's husky voice, one that isn't dissimilar to guitarist/vocalist John Nolan of Straylight Run/Taking Back Sunday. The songs 'Blood' and 'Hurdles' have the darker-sounding ring to them, but then you are thrown into the track 'Water' an emotive and uplifting instrumental song. Young is an exciting and charismatic release. - Drum Magazine


Young EP (2012)

4square SINGLE digital relase (2012)



Mulder is comprised of Alex Elbery and Owen Wynn Rees, who started writing music together in early 2011. Songwriting and production came naturally together, taking elements of many genres from Drum n Bass & Electro to New Wave and Pop music, also drawing from their common obsession with sci-fi and horror, especially The X-files, from which their name comes. Watching horror films in the early hours inspired their heavy use of samples and and their live projected images.

Always eager to perform, Mulder honed a live set and began playing in their hometown, Perth. Playing micro festivals and headlining shows at venues including The Bird and Mojo's they cut their teeth and perfected their sound. Having built a loyal Perth fan base, Mulder released "Young," their first EP in August 2012 to encouraging reviews.

Mulder create a vibrant live atmosphere always wearing their ritual orange fox hoods and makeup. Alex runs through the crowd handing out and lighting sparklers. Their explosive energy makes Mulder so fascinating they're hard to stop watching. Always compelling, even if it's at times difficult or uncomfortable, they want you to believe.