Mule Dixon

Mule Dixon


Mule Dixon is not only a sing-songwriter, he is a Doctor of Aesthetic Studies and devotes his time to studying, understanding, and teaching the role of song in American Society. Mule Dixon embraces the element folk in its purest form, offering songs that are hard-hitting, sincere, and gritty.


Mule Dixon is a songwriter and a scholar of American Song, receiving his Ph.D from the University in Texas with a concentration of the History and Practice of American Song in 2009. Since his musical beginnings in Philadelphia in the early 90s, Mule Dixon has stood firm in his belief that, while music may entertain, songs can and often times inspire a higher purpose – identity construction. Mule Dixon has opened for folk and blues legend, ASCAP Lifetime Achievement Award Winner and Grammy Nominee, Dave Van Ronk. During the 2011-12 academic year, Mule Dixon was invited as an artist-in-residence at universities across the nation to lecture and perform. Mule Dixon’s lectures on the history and practice of American Song have been praised by leading scholars in the field. Many of Mule Dixon’s music performances are open to community musicians and generate excitement in the audience for the appreciation of the folk tradition. In February 2012, Mule Dixon was invited to RadioStar Studios to begin recording his 5th album with legendary music producer Sylvia Massy. The most recent highlight to his music career was joining forces with Film Makers Quinn Dougherty and Carman Spoto to produce the filmed-action ”Songs to Occupy this Land we Harvest," brings the lectures and songs to life in a live, community-based event. In PA, Mule Dixon is a regular guest each year at gatherings such as the Perry County Barn Jam, Father Folk Festival, and Musikfest/SteelStacks, as well as being a regular on many of the top venues for singer-songwriters. Wherever Mule Dixon ventures, he continues to work on his dedication to the understanding of the history, development, and application of the aesthetics of song.

Feel free to visit YouTube and search "Nicholas P. Ippoliti, Ph.D.: Song as the Will to Meaning (lecture)."


Don't Worry 'Bout Me, Mama

Written By: Mule Dixon

You got your stardust at high tide,
Fairy bubbles by your side,
Angels and rainbows,
Snake-skin Guru,
Life-coach New Year,
Shedding pleasures
As the full moon rises
And the beauty of shadows
Trembles under foot.

Don’t worry ‘bout me
Don’t worry ‘bout me
Don’t worry ‘bout me
Don’t you worry ‘bout me, mamma.

Mountain vacancies,
Windmills and romance,
Turn your red-cheek
As the switch
From brother’s buckle
Tips the whiskey
And your hero of heroes
Falls stone-cold solid
Against the lips of
His widow’s lover.

Lock down your kingdom
Hide your treasures
Beneath the “rays of sunshine”
As fake as heaven
Hot-stone therapy
Third eye dizzy
You did all you could
To kill me slowly
And your heart-sleeve confession
Buried my love
In a net of sunset
On this city.

I Don't Mind

Written By: Mule Dixon

I Don’t Mind - M. Dixon
Dmin C Bb
Bb C F

Folks these days talkin’
Bb C
Salvation, destruction;
It don’t matter none, Jesus or the
Bb C F
Devil Be back someday.

Gather round, good children,
Bb C
Listen what I say;
If you’re heaven-bound, You’re bound to
Bb C F
Shed A little blood along the way.


Dmin C Bb
I don’t mind;
Bb C F
I don’t mind.
Dmin C Bb
I don’t mind;
Bb C F Bb F Bb
I don’t mind dying.

Global bills, oil spills
Earthquakes, tornados;
Next we got the great big flood,
And a hell’s worth of
Shit to shovel.

Taxman, Lawman,
Senator, white collar
If you want your
Mule skin back
Don’t bother none to holler


(Dm C) Dm Gm Bb Csus
Dm Gm Bb
F Bb F Bb F Bb
Dm C F

Hour, dear, Hour
The last I’ll ever see,
Crack that wind into dust
Make a monkey out of me.

Drive them nails
One by one
Send me to my grave
Cause if I’ve walked
The earth a good life
The afterlife is gravy.


Wood and Wine

Written By: Mule Dixon

Now I say Baby,

It’s just too cold to go outside,
Let’s stay inside and build a fire,
I’ll split the wood, I’ll fetch the wine,
I’ll split the wood, I’ll fetch the wine.

Why don’t I stream us some Greg Brown,
While I feed the stove fresh pine,
We’ll dance and sing until we’re warm,
We’ll dance and sing until we’re warm.

Do you remember where we met?
Was in a field of drunken fools.
I played grey mouse, I played red fox,
I played grey mouse, I played red fox.

It’s in your arms I feel so warm,
Takes away the winter blues.
Our love is like the mid-day sun
Our love is like the mid-day sun.

It’s just too cold to go outside,
Let’s stay inside and build a fire,
I’ll split the wood, you fetch the wine,
You split the wood, I’ll fetch the wine.


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Singles Produced by Sylvia Massy, 2012:
- I Don't Mind
- Don't Worry 'Bout Me, Mama
- Wood and Wine

Pillow, Acoustic Music Records, release date: August 2013