Radio friendly energetic pop/punk with flavors of ska, metal, classic rock, and harmonies by four young guys with awesome stage presence - 3 are brothers. Latest CD rec'd 5-STAR rating-Skinnie Magazine (


Brothers Michael, Frankie, and Adam Lozano along with Victor Campos are Southern California Inland Empire’s premier skate punk/metal/ska and zany entertainers known as the band Mullet. Their music has been described as “Green Day meets Mad TV in a WWF ring” whose humor and power guitar-riffed “hooks” has caught the intrigue of an impressive SoCAL Inland Empire (IE) following. Their latest release titled "Straight On Till Morning" received a 5 star rating on Skinnie magazine (Jan 2004).

WWF? Yes! Their obvious love of wrestling radiates with WWF-like antics such as jumping on top of each other from ladders, breaking chairs across the beefy bass players back —all while pounding out their rhythmic songs to a frenzied crowd! Now that’s entertainment!

Influences range from Queen, Rolling Stones to The Ataris, Weezer, Green Day and the Hippos.

Mullet has played throughout Southern California from the Sunset Strip to San Diego to Mexico--many times filling tour buses with fans wanting to share the Mullet experience!
They have also taken the time to perform free shows for benefactors such as: The Children’s Hospital Foundation in LA, Friends of Chino Hills Library, and Fender Guitar Museum’s "Kids Rock Free" program, which provides free musical instructions to youths.

They have been Featured in articles by: LA TIMES (September 6, 2002), Press-Enterprise (July 11, 2001) and various music magazines.

These strikingly good looking young guys are ready for their break through to bigger audiences!


Chillin' (and not a lot of illin')

Written By: Mullet

Chillin’ (and not a lot of illin) ©2003 MULLET

Friday night has come around again
Nothin planned gonna spend it with my friends
I don’t care where we go from here
Got a tank full of gas and a six a beer
Line em’ up shoot em’ down
Common sense, none was found..
Old enough to know what’s wrong
Dumb enough to do it all night long
Me and my friends are driving down the street
Not sure where we want to go
All we know is we don’t want to stay home
Me and my friends are going out to night!

Hanging out at the max or the peach pit
Order up some pie and have Joe E. Tada serve it
Play the juke and grab a slice
Acting stupid dancing to Vanilla Ice
Line em’ up shoot em’ down
Common sense,… none was found.
Old enough to know what’s wrong
Dumb enough to do it all night long
Me and my friends are driving down the street
Not sure where we want to go
All we know is we don’t want to stay home
Me and my friends are going out to night!

No Bueno

Written By: Mullet

No Bueno ©2003 MULLET
I don’t like: the way that you make me see
I don’t like: the things that you do to me
I don’t like: The way that you move your lips
When you try to comprehend… you know that you’re full of it.

I don’t like: the stupid little things you say
I don’t like: the weird freaky games you play
I don’t like: the way that I feel inside
When try to tell me that its all gonna be alright
You’re always talking out of your
Asphalt out on the street
since the first day that we met.
The things you say to me are bull---
--shifting into second gear.
Your mind…is not clear.

You're A Cigarette

Written By: MULLET

You’re a cigarette ©2003 MULLET

Like the time you ran around on me
Told me that you would stay and make me see
So why do I feel complete, running with the crowd that I saw last night?

Don’t know what I feel inside
Can’t tell why I feel so bad,
Didn’t seem to care about the things I say or how I felt

‘Told it goes away
And nothing feels like pain
Still waiting for someday

Try to shake it off
But you’re the one to blame
Still waiting for someday

Look into my eyes
And tell me I’m insane
And now its time to do it all again.

You told me that I changed
You said that I was wrong,
It was your fault all along

The more it stays the same
The more my heart breaks
The more I fall apart

I lost control on my own
With the path I chose by myself
I don’t want to hold your hand

You seem pre-occupied,
With the things that are in my life
Don’t try to lead me on cause every time you do I’m always wrong


First CD titled "SuperHappyFunTime" debuted--and has since returned to the top ten in IE local sales (Press-Enterprise Friday Guide June 8, 2001 and January 18, 2002).

- Radio airplay: The X 103.9, KCAL 96.7, XM and cable music TV as well as college.

12/2003 release "Straight on Till Morning"
***** FIVE STAR RATING ***** Skinnie magazine Jan 2004 issue (

- Recorded at Indigo Ranch Studios in Malibu, CA. Famous for recording hits for Korn, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Neil Diamond, Neil Young and others.
- Mastered by the renowned “Big Bass Brian” in Hollywood, CA. (Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Blink-182)
- Thirteen-song self produced on their own label Kiko Records with backing by investors who "believe".

From the anthem-ism of "Chillin’" to the believe-in-yourself lyrics” of "Circus" to the Grunge of "Target" and ending with a beautiful acoustical ballad titled "amaranth" the listener is energized and mesmerized by the bands multiple influences of Radio-friendly flavors of grunge, ska, metal and even classic rock textures are included behind strong vocals that speak of friendships, relationships, inner-awareness, or just having a plain old good time.

Radio airplay: The X 103.9 "Local Band Spotlight"

Set List

We sometimes incorporate a percussionist (Albert Ramos) who uses Timbales and Congas along with assorted hand-held shakers.

30 minutes to an hour is a usual set length. A typical set would be:

1. Rainy day
2. 1/2 and 1/2
3. Leave
4. No bueno
5. Target
6. Happily ever after
7. Process of resuscitation
8. Boobies
9. You're a cigarette
10. Chillin' not a lot of illin

Our main list of covers is:

1. Runaround Sue by Dion
2. Heart breaker by Pat Benatar
3. Anything Anything by Dramarama
4. Any song by MxPx
5. Any song by The Ataris