Multiverse is an indie band with a jam twist. Their music combines simple structured songs with influences of funk, jazz, psychedelic, and world music.


Beginning as an acoustic duo, based in Madison, New Jersey, Andrew Kimball (guitar/vocals) and Damien Pieretti (guitar/keyboards/vocals) founded Multiverse as a way of exploring their musical talents while also entertaining their friends. They eventually decided to record some rough versions of songs that they had written and called upon Evan Taylor (who had the recording equipment needed) to help them out. After Evan impressed Andrew and Damien by adding bass and drum parts to their songs, the duo immediately became a trio. After receiving an overwhelming response at their first show, which was played at a library, Multiverse began performing at local coffee houses, benefits, and talent shows and began to develop a strong local following. They decided to take their act to New York City, performing at a variety of venues, from the Knitting Factory to CBGB, along with acoustic shows at the Sidewalk Cafe. They succeeded in impressing crowds during every show.
The diverse musical backgrounds of Multiverse’ members has resulted in a sound largely influenced by New York City’s indie rock scene as well as funk, jazz and world music. Each member of Multiverse was raised on many different styles of music. Andrew grew up playing acoustic guitar with his father, later to develop a liking to ACDC and finally settling into a jam- based style. His study of jazz, classical, and rock guitar has molded him into a confident lead guitarist. Damien took classical and jazz piano lessons from a young age and later began to study guitar. Damien’s influences have varied over time from grunge to jazz. His versatility as a multi-instrumentalist is a major asset to the Multiverse sound. Evan’s musical background has ranged from orchestral percussion to jazz, rock drumming and world music. Evan is primarily influenced by funk and 60’s pop. His energetic drumming and touches of exotic percussion have driven the band’s constant rhythmic flow. All three members sing live, combining different vocal ranges to create full harmonies. The band’s proficiency in such a large variety of genres leaves fans wondering what sound they will segue into next.
While the band is known for its shows in the East Village, it has performed on various stages in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Multiverse has opened for bands such as the Jazz Mandolin Project and Bernie Worrell and the Woo Warriors and is often joined by guest performers. Always offering an eclectic style of music, the band has been known to occasionally perform acoustic shows accompanied by a classical string section. During live performances, the band is joined by bassist, John Carnes, and feeds off the audience to create a different show each and every time, which has resulted in a rapidly developing fan base. Although Multiverse is primarily regarded as a “live band,” they have committed to refining a studio sound. They are currently working on a new CD that is planned for release in fall of 2006. Though it has already grown from a local band to playing shows throughout the northeast, Multiverse keeps creating new, fresh sounds as it performs in bigger and brighter venues.


"Multiverse"- 4 song demo

"Leave this floor" - 8 song EP (available at

Songs from these releases have been played on WBRU (Providence, RI), WMNJ (Drew University), WJSC (Johnson State College), WRBB (Northeastern University), WFDU (Fairleigh Dickinson University), iRadio Los Angeles, BandRadio Live, and various internet radio stations.

*Full length CD produced by Evan Taylor to be released in early Fall.

Set List

A typical Multiverse set list varies depending on the venue and the crowd. They usually play sets ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours of originals and occasionally include an obscure cover song.