A straight to the point heavy melodic metal band that takes no prisoners. you like us or you don't but most people enjoy us.


Multoc began in November of 2003, but its creation was conceived long before. Members Patrick Maxwell and Ashton Parsons had envisioned this band from the first time they played together in their first band Seed. After Seed disbanded, Patrick and Ashton spent the next year and a half writing and recording songs that would later influence the style that is uniquely Multoc.
Eventually, after a chance encounter with a school-mate, Ashton was introduced to what would become the second half of Multoc: Steve Ekquist and Brandon Sampsel. The four gathered in Ashton’s basement to hear everyone’s playing abilities. By the end of the meeting, all four of the members were very pleased at each other’s talents.

The next time the four gathered, Pat and Ashton taught a song to the other two and from there Multoc was born. For months the four practiced and practiced, refining their sound. By the end of June however, Brandon was forced to commit to college in Tennessee . A replacement, however, was not far off.

Guitarist (and Steve’s cousin) Brandon Harvey had just broken ties with his band Slither and was invited to come and play at a show with Sampsel. After the show Harvey was decided as Multoc’s newest addition.

From July to September, Multoc spent time recording their first studio demo, which was released in October. The demo features 5 songs that reflect the bands overall sound: Linear Life, War (Marching On), Diseased World, and Abandoned.

Multoc continues to impress and gain new fans with every show they play.


Demo- 2004
...They Never Saw It Coming (Unreleased full length album due in early 2006)

Set List

All originals (set list varies) total length from 25-30 minutes.